Number of PCN'S issued in Wilton Road, London, SW1

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Dear Transport for London,

Can you please confirm how many PCN'S have been issued in Wilton Road, London, SW1 since the new road lay out only buses and taxi's allowed.

Yours faithfully,


Transport for London

Our Ref : 1006573925

Date : 06.05.2010

D Little

[FOI #34807 email]

Dear D Little

Thank you for your request for information date which was received by
Transport for London on 5 May 2010. This request will be dealt with
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We aim to deal with your request promptly and provide you with a response
by 2 June 2010.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to discuss your
request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Mitchell

Head of Customer Services, Surface Transport

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Transport for London

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Our Ref: 1006573925/JC

Date: 26.05.2010

D Little

[FOI #34807 email]

Dear D Little

Re: PCNs issued in Wilton Road, SW1

Thank you for your email received by Transport for London (TfL) on 5 May.
You asked for information about the number of Penalty Charge Notices
(PCNs) issued in Wilton Road, SW1 since the new road lay out was

Your request has been considered under the Freedom of Information Act, and
I can confirm that TfL does hold the information you require.

Wilton Road is currently closed to general traffic whilst Birse Metro Ltd
conduct utility works that will enable the extension of the Southern
Ticket Hall at Victoria Underground station.

TfL has made significant efforts to inform motorists of the closure of
Wilton Road. There is extensive and repeated signage on the approaches to
Wilton Road advising motorists of the restriction. Red markings have also
been painted on the road surface stating that only buses and taxis are
permitted on Wilton Road.

TfL would much prefer motorists to follow the diversion and is only, as a
last resort, issuing Penalty Charge Notices to motorists who ignore all
the signage and road markings and continue to drive down Wilton Road. We
have observed that 99% of motorists are following the diversion, and only
a small minority choose to ignore the extensive signage and road markings.

Between 1 March 2010, when the restriction was put in place, and 5 May
2010, TfL has issued 10,192 PCNs to motorists observed driving on Wilton

If this is not the information you are looking for, please feel free to
contact Graham Hurt, Correspondence Support Manager – London Streets at
[1][email address].

Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to
appeal as well as information on copyright and what to do if you would
like to re-use any of the information we have disclosed.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Mitchell

Head of Customer Services

Transport for London

Surface Transport Customer Services

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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd S. Haque anodiad ()

I'm sorry to say that this is a blatant lie by Patricia Mitchell & TfL. I received a PCN for entering Wilton Road from Neathouse Place (for the 17/04/2010) along which there were no clear sign-age to indicate the access had been subsequently restricted for normal traffic and only permitted buses. Having checked the same location in the past couple of days, there were no road marshals, signs, barriers nor bus-lane markings to indicate any such restriction on 17/04/2010 as it has now been set-up. I have a reputable eye witness stating that all of the now existing changes were only implemented within the past few weeks (i.e. May). Thus TfL has been mis-leading and grossly unfair in issuing PCNs to motorists (like a legalised criminal-money making scheme) on this matter. Unfortunately the system is corrupt with no fair justice for law abiding citizens.

S. Haque (Kent)

Gadawodd jo anodiad ()

That seems a huge amount of PCN's issued i am looking into this as my partner s work has just forwarded a fine onto him for the same road an it was completely taken him by surprise

Gadawodd George anodiad ()

Reported by The Telegraph

Please everyone post something on here so that those of us who are challenging this travesty can have a resource of backup information to take to the adjudicator to clearly evidence that the signage is inadequate and misleading and an entrapment to go down the wrong lane.
Thank you

Gadawodd Becky anodiad ()

Hi, I received two penatly notices on this street. The second offence was committed prior to receiving the first fine. I challenged both fines hoping to only have to pay one and got a long winded letter saying that it was clear although the signs suddenly became much bigger in June. Is there a central forum to complain about this??? It is pure theft and completely unacceptable. People don't just drive down the street because they cant be bothered to take the diversion, they do it because they don't realise they should do otherwise.

And to top it all this is going to become a common scene in the victoria area over the next few years!

very anoyed local resident

Gadawodd M.Nasar anodiad ()

Thanks very much D.Little

This is such a nightmare of an issue. I am still trying to put an appeal through for penalties issued in the space of a few hours - at around 4 in the afternoon, the other being some minutes passed midnight (which obviously counts as two days). I appealed on the grounds that there was no prohibition/diversion signs at the time of the alleged offences, but they have sent me a long-winded-wordy letter saying that they reject my appeal, enclosing recent pictures of the diversion signs which were not there when they issued the fines! I frequent the Wilton Road area and those signs were not there before. I have a final opportunity to appeal the decision of their rejection but I have no way of proving that those signs were not there before. Both fines are for £120 as they sent the fines to an address that I moved from and did not receive the forwarded mail before the fines increased to £60 each. Madness, treacherous, and unjust is the system.

Gadawodd S. Haque anodiad ()

Dear Fellow Motorists,

I received a PCN in June for the same offence which actually occurred on 17/04/2010 when there were NO signs, markings, etc. set-up around the junction/area, thus equating to ENTRAPMENT. I had the same long-winded letter from from TfL stating that there were clear signs, etc. Which they subsequently could NOT provide ANY solid dated evidence. I noticed that the PCN ISSUE DATE was 20/05/2010 which was actually some 33 days after the alleged offence, during which time the whole Wilton Road set-up had been completely changed with clear signs, road and bus lane markings, etc. that didn't exist before. I wrote to TfL questioning the 33 days which they ignored and rejected my case, and so had to go to appeal to PATAS. I subsequently discovered after some online searching that according to the TfL Act 2003 that PCNs issued over 28 days after the alleged offence are INVALID which was subsequently not contested by TfL and the PCN was dropped. Thanks to the original individual 'Box Clever' who posted this info on the following Forum: I have subsequently donated my escalated £180 fine to the DEC Pakistan Flood Relief Fund. Please spread the word regarding this particular legislation as TfL try their luck by issuing PCNs over 28 days hoping that people do not know/realise this piece of legislation and just pay-up.


Gadawodd rebecca elliott anodiad ()

Today I have just received 2 fines for driving down Wilton Street twice in the same day in early August. I had no idea I couldn't but perhaps there were signs I missed. Does anyone know the current state of play with the signage?

Gadawodd scot66 anodiad ()

Dear Folks, I also received a PCN for the same offence at Wilton Road on 3/06/10. I sent in a representation, which was rejected. I may use the road once or twice in a year, I noticed the signage when sat at the lights before going into the underpass, but was unable to get into the left hand lanes due to the amount of traffic. In addition to this there were concrete barriers placed, seperating the left hand lane from the right hand lanes going into wilton road, which prevented me from getting back into the left hand lanes, and contributed to me being committed to entering Wilton road. The pictures TFL sent with their rejection were dated 15/03/10 and showed no concrete barrriers in place, contrary to when I committed the offence on 3/06 when the barriers were in place.

I decided not to appeal at adjudication, but was unable to pay the £60 fine online as did not recognise my number plate, I left it and did'nt contact TFL now I have been hit with an increased fine of £180, I have went into their website to pay the £180, but again does not recognise my number plate, so am still unable to pay.

I will contact them today and see if I can get the charge reduced back to the £60. I don't hold out much hope though.


Gadawodd sacha anodiad ()

I also received a letter this morning, saying that I have driven down this road, it's taken me completely by surprise, as I was in the car with my two daughters and my husband. They have made it seem as though i am some reckless school boy driver and i don't adhere to road signs...
If this road is closed to vehicles other than Buses Coaches and Taxis, why do they not sign it clearly, and also make the road, so that people don't fall into their trap....they are as bad a wheel clampers and pick pockets, I will fight this all the way.

Gadawodd George anodiad ()

I wrote to TFL and was fortunate in having my PCN waived as a goodwill gesture. TFL said that they did not admit liability and that their signage complied with their statutory obligations.
I was issued with a PCN in April 2010 and based my argument on inadequate and misleading signage (which it was when my PCN was issued) and that there should have been lanes diverting traffic away from entering the 'closed' road (apparently there are now plastic / concrete bollards in place).
I also pointed out the anomaly that a road when closed should not be open to traffic and argued that it is either closed or open and not both which is misleading and an entrapment for the unwary motorist to drive down an open road which is 'closed'.
The signs at that time also said Wilton Road was closed to normal traffic and I argued that the name of the road would only be familiar to local users and that non-locals would be required to stop on a red route to consult a map as a pre-requisite to making an informed decision on which route to follow .. hence inadequate signage.
Furthermore, approaching from Vauxhall Bridge Road the signs in place on the left of the bus lane at that time could have been obscured by buses of which there are many and that the signs should have been placed on the right in prominent positions so that road users who do not not normally drive in bus lanes could be aware of the 'closure'.
I revisited the scene and took notes and photographs and although I did not submit my photos, they formed the basis for my arguments. I also made FOI requests .. apparently there is a grace period of 14 days when new signage or changes to lanes are put in place and if your PCN falls within this period it should automatically be cancelled.
i put myself in the position of an adjudicator and looked for valid arguments which I would consider as having merit .. making an emotional appeal against entrapment carries no weight with TFL. They get that all the time. If your case would hold up in adjudication, my guess is that they will waive the PCN. If it is weak and emotional, they will ignore your protestations and go the distance. Some people for one reason or another cannot meet the 28 day deadlines and so they come out the winner with increased fines.
Hope this information helps any and all who wish to contest their PCNs.

Gadawodd Trevor anodiad ()

We operate delivery vans in the area of Wednesdays only, delivering frozen meals to the elderly and one of our drivers has just picked up a fine for using Wilton Road. He states that there was no clear signage, we will of course challenge it.

But based on the information supplied above by Tfl and using the numbers as an average we calculate they would have already made over £1.5 million in fines over the past 6-7 months.

What a lovely little earner and what a scam !

Gadawodd Trevor anodiad ()

We operate delivery vans in the area of Wednesdays only, delivering frozen meals to the elderly and one of our drivers has just picked up a fine for using Wilton Road. He states that there was no clear signage, we will of course challenge it.

But based on the information supplied above by Tfl and using the numbers as an average we calculate they would have already made over £1.5 million in fines over the past 6-7 months.

What a lovely little earner and what a scam !

Gadawodd scot d anodiad ()

I found many of the comments on this forum helpful. Indeed, I have used some of the advice to successfully appeal the penalty.

If you're appealing a fine, the following might be useful. It's the note I sent to TFL Croydon to appeal.

Note that TFL may have put up adequate signage since I made my appeal.


"Dear XXXX,

I wish to represent against penalty charge notice no. XXXXXXXX.

This is for vehicle registration XXXX XXX.

In the picture you provide, you do not show the car passing by any signage which advises against driving down Wilton Road. So you appear to have charged me, but without enough supporting evidence.

When I drove into Wilton Road, I did not understand from the signage that there were restrictions on entering that street.

The signage was inadequate, what little signage there was, was misleading. I work in the area and, retracing my vehicle's route, I noticed that the signage occurred after the bend from Vauxhall Bridge Road. by this time, I was already in the right hand lane which committed me to turning into Wilton Road.

Clear, adequate signage should be on the Wilton Road approach on Vauxhall Bridge Road, and then again before arround the bend, in order to obviously inform the driver that they can not enter the street unless a taxi or bus.

If you can provide photographic evidence of my car driving past signage which you consider sufficient and/or clear (not misleading), then I will consider agreeing to this charge.

I look forward to hearing your reply ASAP."


Hope this helps any of you appealing against an unfair charge in this zone.