Number of admission appeals and complaints from 2010 to 2019 and the number upheld at Stage 1 of appeal process.

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Dear Brasenose College, Oxford,

Please provide the following information:
1. For each year from 2010 to 2019, how many appeals and complaints (Stage 1 of appeal process) relating to undergraduate admission did the college receive?
2. For each of these years, how many of these appeals and complaints were upheld at Stage 1 and resulted in an applicant receiving an offer? (ie a student appealed a rejection for an undergraduate course and subsequently received an offer from the college without the need to progress to Stage 2 of the appeal process)

Please list appeals and complaints separately.

Thank you for your assistance.
Dr. Mike Whittome

Dear Brasenose College, Oxford,

I sent you an FOI request concerning admission appeals on 15th January and have yet to receive a reply. As you know, by law, you are obliged to reply promptly to each FOI request.

Please kindly provide the information requested without further delay.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Mike Whittome

Henry Jestico, Brasenose College, Oxford

Dear Dr Whittome,


Thank you for your email of 13 February. We are now ready to respond to
your request.


The FOI Act requires a prompt response normally within 20 days but allows
organisations to apply tests of reasonableness to both of these elements.
Your request extended back for ten years, was received during Term time,
and normal operating conditions have not prevailed due to staff illness. 
Furthermore, we were in the process of investigating a complaint for the
2019 admissions cycle when your request was received and elected to
conclude the investigation so as to include the outcome in our response.
The first working day was January 16th (your request arrived after office
hours on the 15th). February 13th is, therefore, the 21st working day and
we contend that an extension of one day is reasonable under the
circumstances outlined. We thank you for your patience.


1. A search has confirmed that we hold no retained records of any stage 1
complaints prior to 2013.

2. Since 2013 a total of 22 complainants have been investigated. The
complainants raised a total of 48 separate issues (ie some complainants
raised more than one issue).

3. Of the 48 issues investigated, 4 were upheld, 1 was not upheld but the
remedy granted on compassionate grounds, and 43 were not upheld.

4. Of the 22 complainants, 5 had an issue upheld or received the requested
remedy on compassionate grounds. 17 did not have any of their complaints
upheld after investigation.

5. No distinction is made between a complaint and an appeal since the
investigative process is the same for both.

6. The 5 remedies consisted of 1 apology for late receipt of a feedback
letter, 1 letter containing additional feedback, 1 apology from University
Admissions Office for a delayed response to a query received by them, 1
reversal of a decision not to shortlist for interview, 1 amendment of an
Open Offer to a firm college offer on compassionate grounds.


complaints upheld (or remedy
granted for compassionate
cycle complainants complaints reasons)
2013-14 2 5 1
2014-15 4 7  
2015-16 8 15 1
2016-17 3 12 2
2017-18 1 1  
2018-19 3 6  
2019-20 1 2 (1)
22 48 4(5)


Figure in parenthesis includes a remedy granted on compassionate grounds.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Simon Smith

Senior Tutor


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