Notting Hill Carnival: SUEZ cleaning contract

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Dear Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea,

I would like to make a request for the following information under the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

Please provide a copy of the contract with SUEZ for cleaning after Notting Hill Carnival (specifically 2017 but I appreciate that the contract may last over many years) as well as any schedule or addendum related to it.

If the contract relates to events or services besides NHC, please detail.

Furthermore, please provide summary costs of the operation from 2010 to date. I would prefer a digital copy.

Please send me confirmation that you have received this email.

Yours faithfully,

Courtney Bartlett

Freedom of Information: CP-ICT: RBKC, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Dear Courtney  




I am writing to confirm that we received your information request on 24
November 2017. For your information and future communications your request
has been allocated the reference number FOI2017-1837. Please quote this
reference in any future correspondence.


We will consider your request and respond in accordance with the
requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Our duty is to
respond promptly or at least within 20 working days.


Yours sincerely   


Robin Yu

Information Governance and Management Officer

Shared ICT Service

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX

Tel: 020 7938 8226


Email: [1][email address] | Website: [2]




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FOIRCE: ELRS-Director: RBKC, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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Dear Ms Bartlett,


In reference to your FOI request, the answers are as below in red text.


Kind regards,






Please note, all material provided by the Royal Borough of Kensington and
Chelsea in response to your request for information is for your personal,
non-commercial use.  The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea reserves
all rights in the copyright of the information provided. Any unauthorised
copying or adaptation of the information without express written
confirmation from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will
constitute an infringement of copyright. Any intention to re-use this
information commercially will require consent.  Please forward any
requests for re-use of information to the Information Protection officer
([1][RBKC request email]).


I trust this has satisfied your request.  Should you be unhappy with the
handling of your request, the Council has an internal complaints process
for handling FOI Act complaints. Complaints are reviewed by the Chief
Solicitor and Monitoring Officer or a nominee. A form is available from
our website to lodge your complaint:




Please contact us if you do not have website access and we can provide you
with a copy of the form.


Following this review, should you still be unhappy with how your
information request has been handled, you have a further right to appeal
to the Information Commissioner who is responsible for ensuring compliance
with the FOI Act.




From: FOIRCE: ELRS-Director: RBKC
Sent: 01 December 2017 09:00
To: TELS-WasteAdmin: ELRS: RBKC <[email address]>
Cc: Lawrence, Matthew: ELRS: RBKC <[email address]>
Subject: FOIRCE Database Freedom Of Information Reference 2017-1837
Carnival clear up contract with SUEZ
Importance: High


FOI Reference 2017-1837
Description: Carnival clear up contract with SUEZ has been allocated to
you to respond to by 22/12/2017
Enquirer: Courtney Bartlett
Details of Enquiry:

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