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Dear North Yorkshire County Council,
Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like the names, occupation, date of birth, email address and home address of people who have given the notice of intent to marry in the last 3 months. Please can this information be sent to me via email.

Yours faithfully,

North Yorkshire County Council

Thank you for contacting North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). We confirm
that we have received your correspondence.
If you have submitted a new Freedom of Information (FOI) or Environmental
Information Regulations (EIR) request to NYCC - we will contact you as
soon as possible if we need any more information from you to respond to
your request. If we do not need any more information we will pass your
request onto the appropriate officer to respond. A response will be sent
to you as soon as possible, and within 20 working days as required by the
relevant legislation.
If you have requested an internal review of an FOI or EIR response sent to
you by NYCC or otherwise expressed dissatisfaction about an FOI or EIR
response – we will respond to you as soon as possible and within 20
working days, in accordance with best practice guidance.
If you have raised a data protection concern about the way in which NYCC
has handled your personal information – we will respond to you as soon as
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requirements/best practice guidance.
If you have asked to be removed from a mailing list – we will forward your
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If your correspondence relates to an existing case - we will forward it to
the relevant officer for consideration and action as required.
Copied correspondence - we do not respond to correspondence that has been
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For any other enquiry – NYCC will contact you shortly.
If your enquiry is urgent and you request an immediate response please
call the information governance team on 01609 532526.
Yours faithfully
The information governance team

Sarah Pilling, North Yorkshire County Council

1 Atodiad


Dear Sir / Madam


Freedom of Information request N1568


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request. I can confirm
that North Yorkshire County Council holds some of this data.


The Marriage Act 1949, stipulates that an individual who is due to be
married must give notice of marriage stating the names, surname, marital
status, occupation, place of residence, age and nationality of each of the
persons being married. This notice is then displayed for 28 days at the
Harrogate Register office,  and it is during this period that public
access to this information is provided by law.


After the expiry of the 28 day process, under Section 27 sub-section(4)
there is a legal right for the marriage notice book to be opened for
inspection, free of charge,  at all reasonable hours. The information is
therefore exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000, as it is reasonably accessible otherwise than under
the Act. If you wish to exercise this right you can make an appointment by
contacting Harrogate Registrar Office on Tel: 01609 780780.


Whilst we do collect email addresses as part of the booking procedure, it
is not a legal requirement for this to be supplied as part of the notice
of intent of marriage. This is personal data and it will not be disclosed
as part of this response.  As such we are withholding this information
under section 40 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which exempts
personal information from disclosure if disclosure would breach one or
more principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. In this case we consider
that disclosure would breach the first principle, namely that personal
information must be fairly and lawfully processed and must meet one of the
conditions for processing as provided by schedule 2 of the Act. In this
case we consider that the disclosure would be unfair and unlawful and none
of the conditions for processing would be met.


I have attached a copy of the appeals procedure for your information.


Yours sincerely

Sarah Pilling

Senior Officer



Sarah Pilling

Senior Officer | Chief Executive’s Office | North Yorkshire County Council
| County Hall | Northallerton | North Yorkshire | DL7 8AD

Tel: 01609 532639

Email: [1][email address]




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