Non Medical Examiner Assessments 2019

Sharoane Corbett made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committees

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Sharoane Corbett

Dear Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committees,

New legislation came in to help ensure veterans and their families are not disadvantaged by tyour service ,other measures in the Bill states making the complaints system more efficient ,

please provide by what means of access for claimants! The Bill also renewed the Armed Forces Act 2006, following the Armed Forces Acts of 2011 and 2016 as well as strengthening the Service Justice System and Armed Forces Covenant, all dependent on how claims are collected and submitted at a spefic time to claim's

March 2020, all planned medical examinations in relation to compensation scheme claims were cancelled.

Veteran UK unknowing to many veteran's a pilot scheme launched August 2020 changed the way you gather medical evidence for War Pensions Scheme claims and reviews.

No requests for medical board examinations or Hospital Case notes, issuing a Primary Care Factual report and a supplementary Self-Assessment Form directly to the 'claimant' many DID NOT receive,

Veteran UK Staff going direct to GP for Primary Care Reports

Between 2017- 2020 how many new claims were received?
How Many were Iraq/Afghan veteran's from 2004-07 Gulf War
How did Veteran UK store Supplementary medical documents received prior to Pilot scheme
How was the data stored
What happened to the claimant's medical documents?
Who is designated Data Controller
How many medical data breach ICO Recitification's have been recieved for claim's related to Mediccal Breach
How Many Complaints have Veteran UK received during 2019 from claimaints
Provide a Policy of Complaints and non compliance to information request's
Who is responsible for loss of Data and policy process for complaints

Yours faithfully,

Backseat Researcher

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Dear Ms Corbett,

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Dear Ms Corbett,

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