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Dear Executive Office (Northern Ireland),

The government is talking about discriminating people that doesn't want the covid19 injection product. By saying no jab no job or you'll lose the right to enter pubs and restaurants without the jab. Also by introducing Freedom passports.
Anyway my questions are
1. Does the Nuremberg treaty still stand?
As it states all medical treatments must ne consented and you can't be discriminated against if you refuse the product. It also states medical treatments must be tested on animals before being given to humans and the pharmaceutical companies admitted they missed out animal testing too rush out the product.

2. Can an employer force a vaccine product on their employees?
Again that breaches the Nuremberg treaty

3. What human rights have we left? If the government/companies can force people against their will or blackmail them into a vaccine product.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian McErlean

TEO FOI, Executive Office (Northern Ireland)

Mr McErlean

Thank you for your enquiry below.

To expedite a speedier resolution to your query I am responding to you under normal course of business.

The Executive Office (TEO) does not hold this information.

Please note that the Executive Office is only one of a number of separate and legally distinct public authorities within the Northern Ireland Executive.

Within the NI Executive the Department for Health (DoH) has responsibility for Health and Social Care, Public Health and Public safety. It has taken a science led approach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and may hold relevant information. For ease of reference, please find below the relevant email address should you wish to pursue your enquiries further.

[email address]

By way of further advice and assistance please see link below to the Public Health Agency website which you may find useful.

I hope this response has been of assistance.



Nicola Finlay
The Executive Office| Freedom of Information| Information Management and Central Advisory Branch

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