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Dear National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit,

Various types of technology are used for uncovering hidden human networks .They are called different things but they employ similar techniques for example:
1)Nodal Analysis( the military version)
‘Nodal analysis ‘.This maps the relationships between different phones and their users. Once this is established their cell phone could be used as means to locate them.
Even if the initial conversations don’t lead up to anything didn’t arouse any suspicion the recording of all conversations and the locations of the cell users allows those with access to sift through all the conversations leading up to something and occasionally to use those records to find out where the persons involved were based….It’s perfectly feasible to record all cell phone use in a country not just co-ordinates but the related audio-files.
There is what is termed termed F3EA: 1)Find the person involved.
2) Fix their position in time and space.
3) ? him.
4) Exploit and Analyse each ‘raid’ for intelligence gathering purposes for future ‘raids’.
2)Link Net work Analysis (The civilian version as used by the FBI and the like)
’Link/network analysis’. We examine each subjects social networks ,bank details, audit trails and phone trees….something like the use of nodal analysis with the military ….their own version of ‘network centric warfare ’.They plug in photos of the subjects ,other clues from available databases ,clues found by agents which builds a ‘web’ or ‘net’ of links. Basically they use the subjects own networks against them. Everyone leaves a presence… a ripple…..they’re human. If they even are switch on their cell phone they reach out to phone masts to triangulate their positions thus ensuring everyone whether it be myself, a criminal ,a police officer or even a judge or politician can be tracked ...
3) The current generation of cell phone is not far short of an 80’s supercomputer .Software on it can be used for a variety of purposes (satellite navigation by means of the worldwide GPS system,location finding by means of triangulating wi-fi use ,social networks updates(I have seen various politicians on my Facebook profile page showin what a small world it truly is), possibly even the use of Iridium Next technology if they just insert a chip into thye next generation cell phones allowing satellite technology to be used ....where reception is poor..My own favoutite killer app is the voice stress analyser :see below links)
and Suffolk Constabulary’s own..
(I have copied hundreds if not thousands of solicitors firms(in countries who are ECHR signatories)into that FOI stream just to see if anyone had an interest in the information gleamed. The information in this FOI was extracted from a novel I am writing(currently at 14500words) I copied in everyone I e-mail including the solicitor’s firms aforementioned with a pdf with the first twenty odd thousand words)
My own experience where such technology could be put to use was with a brief encounter with the police of Suffolk Constabulary...
On Friday 14 2011 I was stopped by someone who got out of a car at the corner of Elm Street in Ipswich saying ‘I want a word with you’. In Glasgow that would often be precursor to getting. mugged He I later found he was Detective Constable NO357(I won’t disclose his name) .He had stopped me ten minutes ten minutes after visiting the Crown Court . He, I later found out was directly in front of me in a Crown Court case involving the import and distribution of heroin/ diamporphine given the illegality of said drug in the UK .He accused me of following him though I was on foot and he was in the unmarked police car with a colleague.
I made an informal complaint to his line manager (A male Police Inspector) and then later had a brief chat with the court manager at Ipswich Crown Court.
This problem and many other’s like it could have been solved by disclosure of my ‘android’ phone’s co-ordinates and his and his colleague’s inevitable cell phone’s locations on that day to avoid confusion.
Related FOI Questions
1) Who has access to cell phone co-ordinates once they are switched on (other than the phone companies and any newspaper type hacking their phones)?How many years are they kept for?
2) What legislation is required to have a public servant monitor any person’s cell private phone calls?
3) Who authorises cell phones being ‘tapped’?
4) Who authorises landlines being ‘tapped’?
5) Who can authorise the intrusion of computers?
6) Does it take separate permission for 2/3/4/5
7) Do you have access to audit trails /social user networks/phone trees of any ‘suspect’?
8) Who authorises home searches and who conducts such?
8) Do you have the location of everyone residing in your region.If it takes more than their name on an electoral role I would like to know?
Paul Gaffney LLB BA

Yours faithfully,

Paul Gaffney