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Brian Slack made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Natural England

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Dear Natural England,

In light of the reply to Request no 4214

1. Are you saying Mytchett Woods currently has no management plan in place, and if so why ? and is there any plans to introduce one.

2. Are Natural England aware of the works currently going on at Mytchett Woods undertaken by the MOD and if not why not. If you are aware of such works then please provide all correspondence between the parties to the work.

3. When was the last time Natural England visited Mytchett Woods and when do you next plan to visit.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Slack

FOI (NE), Natural England

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Dear Mr Slack


Access to information request – Acknowledgement – Request No RFI 4237


Thank you for your request for the information detailed in your email
below, which we received on 02 May 2018. We are dealing with your request
under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.


Your request is being considered and we will send out our response within
the legal deadline of 20 working days which is 1 June 2018. If, for any
reason, we are unable to meet the deadline we will keep you fully informed
of the reasons for is.


Yours sincerely



Kate Donovan

Adviser - Access to Information

Legal & Governance Team


Natural England

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FOI (NE), Natural England

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Dear Mr Slack


Please find attached Natural England's response to your request for





Darren Green, Senior Adviser – Access to Information

Natural England, Legal Services,

County Hall, Spetchley Road,

Worcester, WR5 2NP

T: 0208 026 0936

M: 078101 56750


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