My decision letter has been sent or not?

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Home Office,
I made my application for the lost BRP card in the month of September 2017 and it's been more than 8 weeks I need to know what is the possible way to know about the status of my application. When I checked the status online in their official site it shows decided and letter has been sent. It's more than 10working days and running I'm totally clueless what's happening and how to phone the home office.

Yours faithfully,


UK Visas and Immigration,

Dear Vidhya,
Thank you for your enquiry dated 10th November regarding your application
for a lost BRP card.
Unfortunately, from the information provided in your email we are unable
to determine the exact nature of your enquiry and/or your immigration
Please respond with more information such as:
Applicant Name:
Date of Birth:
Representatives name:
Submission Date:
Reference Number:
Email Address:
Contact number: 
Alternatively, please refer to our website for guidance by using this
link: [1]
You may also find the following specific links useful:
Visa and Immigration: [2]
Contact Details: [3]
Citizenship and Living in the UK: [4]
Passports: [5]
Please note the onus is upon individual customers to ensure that they
satisfy the requirements set out in the guidance material. The guidance
material accompanies each and every application form. UK Visas and
Immigration is not able to give, indicate or advise upon the outcome of
any such application prior to it being given full and careful

Directing you to the guidance material is the only advice we can give you.
If you need any further help you should seek independent immigration
advice. Immigration advisers can help you with immigration matters,
including completion of forms and representing you at a tribunal. The
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulates
immigration advisers, which mean they must meet certain standards.

Please see the below link to find an immigration adviser:


Yours faithfully,

Jessica Micher
UKVI Contact Centre



UKVI Contact Centre

Website: [7]




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