Monitoring & Equality Impact Assessments

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Dear Green Templeton College, Oxford,

Please supply me with details of your monitoring of employees and students and results of Equality Impact Assessments as required by law under the Race Relations(Amendment)Act 2000, in relation to:

1. disciplinary action (students & employees)
2. training (employees)
3. promotion (employees)
4. leaving your employment-showing reason for doing so-i.e. termination & grounds.(employees)
5. admissions (students)
6. achievements (students)

Yours faithfully,

Gregory Lewis

Sue Wilson, Green Templeton College, Oxford

Dear Gregory Lewis

Many thanks for your email requesting information from Green Templeton College under the Freedom of Information Act which has been forwarded to me to deal with.

I would be grateful if you could clarify for me exactly what information you require from the College in connection with our compliance with the Race Relations (Amendment) Act before we start collating information at this end.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Sue Wilson
Communications Manager
Green Templeton College
Woodstock Road
Oxford OX2 6HG

T 01865 274787
F 01865 274796
E [email address]

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Dear Sue Wilson,

With respect, I have told you the exact information I require in my FOI request. As the information I have asked for is required, by law, to be published by HEI's, it should not need collating in order for you to send it to me; it should already be in place.
This is the relevant part of the law:
In order to meet the duty, further and higher education institutions must:

•Prepare and maintain a race equality policy
•Conduct impact assessments (reviews) of policies on staff and students from different racial groups
•Monitor, according to racial groups, the admission and progress of students and the recruitment and career progression of staff
•Publish the race equality policy, along with the results of assessments and monitoring.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Lewis

Dear Sue Wilson,

The response to my request has been delayed. By law, you should normally have responded promptly and by 29th November 2010.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Lewis

Sue Wilson, Green Templeton College, Oxford

Dear Mr Lewis

Green Templeton College is a new college, founded in 2008 following the
merger of two Oxford graduate colleges (Green and Templeton).

Since the merger, the new College has been developing a large number of
new policies and procedures. These include a new Equal Opportunities
policy which is awaiting committee approval before being formally adopted
and made available on the College website.

Reports on the monitoring of both staff employment and student welfare and
academic progress are made to the GTC Governing Body and its committees on
a regular basis.

Reports relating to staff employment are made three times a year to the
Human Resources Committee. The reports include:

. Details of complaints or grievances reported that might indicate
unfair treatment of any staff member or group

. Numerical and financial analyses of employees by salary, age,
sex and any other material factors

. Analysis of reasons for terminations of employment. Exit
interviews are held unless the reasons for resigning from employment are

. Details of vacancies arising and new appointments made, and
summaries of all available monitoring data where provided by candidates
including sex, race and disability

. Analysis of leave taken on grounds other than holiday

. Summary of outcomes of any informal or formal disciplinary

. Schedule of training courses attended by staff

. Details of any changes to employment law or changes in College
employment policies and practices

. Staff training

. Promotions. The College is a small institution, there are
limited opportunities for promotion and staff turnover is low: promotions
are consequently unusual.

In terms of monitoring students, as a graduate college GTC differs quite
significantly from an undergraduate college: all teaching is done in the
University departments and we do not therefore analyse student numbers in
the same way.

Admissions to graduate programmes are made by the relevant University
department. Nationality, date of birth and sex are taken from the
application form. The College also asks incoming students to complete a
registration form which offers the opportunity to declare any disability.
Details of disabilities do not form part of any official report as it
would be difficult to ensure confidentiality with such small numbers of

Students' academic progress is monitored in a number of ways. All graduate
students at Oxford University have a termly report on the University's
reporting system (GSS). These are (or should be) completed by the student,
his/her supervisor and departmental head of graduate Studies. Any causes
of concern are flagged.

At GTC, the Academic Administrator copies these reports and puts them on
the individual students' files. Concerns are investigated or drawn to the
attention of the Senior Tutor.

Each student has a College Adviser. College Advisers are encouraged to
read the termly reports on GSS, and are sent a College pro forma on which
they are asked to make their own report on how their students are
progressing. These reports are read by the Principal and Senior Tutor and
are then put on their individual files. Any causes of concern that are
noted are investigated by the Senior Tutor.

The Principal invites each student to Collections annually (a progress
review lasting 15 minutes) at which matters of concern are discussed.

Student welfare and discipline is the responsibility of the Dean who is
the Chair of the Student Welfare Committee. Welfare issues are raised at
this committee, which meets once a term. The Minutes are sent to
Governing Body. Disciplinary actions against students would be reported
to the committee under Reserved Business, and would be included in the

An annual list of distinctions and prizes awarded for coursework is
produced by the Academic Administrator for Governing Body. This list
mentions the student's name, course and prize or distinction.
Additionally, college scholarships, awards and prizes are reported to
Academic Committee (and thence to GB).

Best regards


Sue Wilson

Communications Manager

Green Templeton College

Woodstock Road

Oxford OX2 6HG

T 01865 274787

F 01865 274796

E [email address]


dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Sue Wilson,

Thank you for your response. I have specifically requested information relating to the RRA
amendment 2000, concerning monitoring and equality impact
assessments according to racial groups. The RRA concerns racial
equality so I do not require information on other equality issues.
I do not believe that the information I have asked for is contained
in your response.
Please can you send me the documentation showing evidence of any
monitoring by racial groups and any equality impact assessments
that you have carried out.

Yours sincerely,

Gregory Lewis

Sue Wilson, Green Templeton College, Oxford

Dear Mr Lewis

Graduate students (Green Templeton is a graduate only college) apply to the University and as part of their registration process they inform the University of their ethnicity. This information is not therefore formally held by the College but is readily available.

There are 99 staff at GTC, of whom 45 are seasonal casual workers (mainly students). All staff complete a recruitment monitoring form when they apply for employment with the College and these are held in the College HR office. The form includes information about ethnicity.

We also monitor the ethnicity of staff in relation to promotion/re-grading; reasons for leaving; disciplinary matters and training. Obviously we cannot give out any details of this because this would mean giving out personal details in breach of the Data Protection Act.

The College does not at this time carry out formal equality impact assessments which are labelled as such. However, as outlined in our previous response, the College was formed in 2008 and is in the process of formalising a number of policies and procedures. The College will be considering the need to carry out formal equality assessments in due course once the Equal Opportunities Policy has been formally agreed and adopted; however, the impact on racial equality, as well as other groups who may experience disadvantage in society, forms an integral part of our considerations in formulating College policies and procedures.

Best regards

Sue Wilson
Communications Manager
Green Templeton College Oxford
T: +44 (0)1865 274787

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