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Sharoane Corbett made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Cabinet Office

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Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Cabinet Office o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Sharoane Corbett

Dear Cabinet Office,

I would like to ask as a voter an adult carer of Iraq War Veteran left with Brain Injury on the Front line required member of Parliament and speaker in the House Frank Cook and Dr Susans Atkins in Sept 2008 rescued a soldier from Armed Forces abuse.

A Human life with Brain Injury serving his nation retained in service 19 months without no treatment for Battleground Injury, Col Lt Taylor of 12 RA Regiment 2018 confirmed no duty of care.

To get get past the unprotections of any laws or mental health care until 2019 find Iraq and Afghan Security Data Breach between UK and US with Centcom there is no War history or field records, events and our sons missing gap from his record and placing him in a war impossible to have been in, he was'nt in the army .

No Member of Parliament Support of representation since 2018 , 17 MPs and 2 PMs only one reply . Information Commissioner Office Staff closing down complaints? On Cheif Officer Documentation with pp signatories and unable for 12 months get past Jurisdication for Non Compliance by the MoD and no respond from PM Boris Johnson and Minstry of Defencse Matt Wallace or Leo Docherty?

Will you respond, Veterans want healthcare, GPs will fail and its unfair without this disclose

Sharoane Corbett Veteran Mum Carer of Injured Iraq Veteran May - Dec 2006

Yours faithfully,

Mr and Mrs Corbett

Cabinet Office Correspondence,

Dear Sharoane Corbett,

Thank you for your email of 13 August regarding healthcare for veterans.
We apologise for the delay in responding.

I hope it will assure you of our commitment to providing a gold-standard
of healthcare if I set out what we are doing. The Government now provides
support to individuals from the beginning of their time in the Armed
Forces, tackling stigma around mental health, providing better education
and improving access to mental and physical health support. Armed Forces
personnel undergo "through life" psychological resilience training, with
the aim of recognising mental ill-health in themselves and those around
them, and learning how to manage it.

The transition period between military and civilian life is absolutely
critical to an individual's mental health after they leave service. We
know that periods of great change in someone's life can lead to
instability, and this is a significant risk factor for mental ill-health
and suicide. The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) has existed for
nearly 20 years and provides excellent support to service personnel
entering the job market. We recognise, however, that successful transition
is about much more than employment, and for that reason we introduced the
Defence Transition Services (DTS) in October 2019. This organisation
provides support in a huge range of areas, including housing, debt,
wellbeing and relationships.

The majority of veterans access the same mental healthcare support as the
general population. To recognise that veterans use mainstream healthcare
services, and to best support their health and wellbeing needs, we are
rolling out a 'veteran-friendly' accreditation for GP surgeries and
hospital trusts. Over 800 GP surgeries and nearly 60 trusts are already
signed up, meaning that they have a designated clinical veterans lead, and
they commit to asking patients whether they have served. For those who
need it, we have also seen a step change in recent years in the provision
of bespoke, specialist mental health services for veterans including those
suffering with PTSD.

Each part of England now has specialist mental health services designed
for service leavers, ex-service personnel, reservists and their families
through the recently launched Op Courage: The Veterans Mental Health and
Wellbeing Service in NHS England.

Op COURAGE provides a front door to specialist mental health support by
experienced medical personnel who understand the Armed Forces and military

Veterans can also access support from the Veterans Welfare Service (VWS),
part of Veterans UK. The VWS is trained to provide free, confidential
advice and support on a wide range of issues, working closely with local
authorities, ex-Service and other voluntary organisations, as well as
other Government Departments, to assist veterans with the help and advice
they need.

I hope this information helps you understand the ways we are working to
continue and improve support for our veterans, and I hope this has
answered your questions.

Yours sincerely,


Public Correspondence Team

Cabinet Office

Sharoane Corbett

Dear Cabinet Office,

Thank you for lengthy summary, presented in front of you a casualty from Iraq, casualties the British Government were aware of in 2007 headlines of covering up figures, nonetheless our soldier was a casualty and all Operation Telic 8 troops received no duty of care, I hold that validation from armed forces Commander.

12 years with brain Injury in service and continued health care failure, in 2007 more NHS personal medical for thousands was lost, if this was no so this correspondence would not have had closed doors of 20 Labour and Conversatives MPs over 13 years.

No recourse when your represented by a MP who refuses to represent because he breached Parlimentary self Policy Principles extended to the wider public for mutual trust.
No MPs will represent outside constituents, with a local MP Alex Cunningham who refuses to support veteran or family constituents, public mutual trust dimishes when we have no respresentation.

Maybe the cabinet could answer what recourse for complaints people have when they require MP support and they refuse? Why do we have a MP for a town destined and fateful in health care failure BBC Investigations for stockton on tees, England Most Unequal Town 2019 no Veteran statistics for the local Borough, how a war casualty in the wilderness figures in the extension of forgotten years abandoned

Veterans of suicide and Lost history of Iraq 2006 and the walking wounded of war have been omitted from your summary, is there a reason for this? What recourse Government for the accountability of MP in the house who refuses to represent veteran constituent - Adult Carer who require MP ally? Digital Data missing and automated existence have already been harmed a decade and counting , our son was treated as sympton and still GPs discriminate? Our son is not a statistic he is "actual real world" data entangled in digital flaw when data losses of Goverment - Military and NHS prior to 2019 and today access.

Yours faithfully,

Sharoane Corbett