Dear Ministry of Justice,

Under the Freedom of Information Act can you please provide statistics for the number of Misconduct in Public Office offences (code 99.1) split by police force area. Could you provide data for at least the last 5yrs, split by year (longer would be better and appreciated).

Information in electronic data format (xls or csv) is preferred.


Yours faithfully,

Malcolm Reeves

Statistics, Ministry of Justice

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Dear Mr Reeves,


In answer to your Freedom of Information request dated 29 September 2020
to the Ministry of Justice, please find the attached reply.



On behalf of statistics enquiries

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Gadawodd Malcolm Reeves anodiad ()

To work with the raw cvs data without the latest excel then cvssplitter (set to 65000) will allow the large files to be broken up. You can then use a file search program to find which parts have the offence code or offence name of interest. Note neither google sheets nor open office have pivot tables like excel so are not a free replacement for excel for the MoJ data.

reCVSedit is another option but this wouldn't work with the file I want to access (all the rest it was ok with). cvsplitter is perhaps easier to use.

Gadawodd Malcolm Reeves anodiad ()

To get reCSVeditor to work you need to switch to the unicode tab and select font UFT-8. There is a comment on source forge for reCSVeditor with screenshots for a better explanation of the where to make these changes.