Mis-fuelling of motor vehicles

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Dear Derbyshire Constabulary,

Mis-filling of motor vehicles with the wrong fuel is a major issue in the UK with the costs of doing so ranging from £300 for a simple drain and flush through of the tank to over £5000 for those unfortunate enough to irreparably damage their engine. The AA has estimated that 150,000 such events occur each year. In addition, there is a heavy cost in terms of missed appointments and inconvenience.

Q1. Please provide the number of diesel vehicles currently operated by the Police department and the number of occasions any of these vehicles has been misfilled with petrol requiring unscheduled servicing during each of the last two years.

Q2. Please provide the total direct cost associated with the mis-fuelling events.

Q3. If the motor vehicles are owned/maintained by a leasing company please provide the name of the leasing company.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Panchaud

Freedom of Information Office,


Stuart Barlow
Freedom of Information Officer

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Freedom of Information Office, Derbyshire Constabulary

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Dear Mr Panchaud,

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