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Mr Cross made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Crown Estate Paving Commission
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (manylion).

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Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear Crown Estate Paving Commission,
Please can you provide me with all environmental information contained in minutes of meetings of the Crown Estate Paving Commission's governing body taking place on or after 1 January 2012.

Please can you also provide me with copies of all environmental information contained in current policies of the Crown Estate Paving Commission.

The term "environmental information" used in this request has the same meaning as in the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Cross

Dear Crown Estate Paving Commission,
Please could you acknowledge receipt of my email of 1 June 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Cross

Nahida Hussain, Crown Estate Paving Commission

Dear Mr Cross


Freedom of Information Request - No 163440


Thank you for your request for information dated 1^st June 2013 and made
under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  We understand that you are
requesting environmental information held within the minutes of the
meetings of the Crown Estate Paving Commission (CEPC) taking place on or
after 1st January 2012, together with environmental information held
within current CEPC policies.

The relevant entries in the CEPC’s minute books are:


1.      Commission Meeting 1 of 2012 - Tuesday 31^st January 2012

Item 4.4     Waste collection agreement with Camden Council

The Director reported that the agreement with Camden Council had finally
been signed by both parties following a long administrative delay and that
this brought to a close the CEPC’s long campaign to reduce refuse
collection and disposal costs for its residents.


2.      Commission Meeting 5 of 2012 – 25^th October 2012

Item 5.1     Garden Committee

The meeting noted that the committee wished to seek heritage conservation
advice from an appropriate landscape architect or adviser and that this
advice would be aligned with the board’s strategy to further its
consideration of the CEPC’s role with respect to heritage conservation


3.      Commission Meeting 2 of 2013 – 14^th March 2013

Item 5.1     Garden Committee

The meeting welcomed the proposed input and advice from Todd
Longstaffe-Gowan, landscape architect and historian, concerning the
establishment of a conservation framework which would inform all future
refurbishment programmes for the estate’s gardens. The meeting also
expressed its thanks to Elizabeth Watson for her interesting work to
improve the understanding of the history of Park Square & Crescent garden
funding arrangements using material within the CEPC’s archives. 


At present the CEPC has no specific environmental policy that is formally
approved by the Commissioners and its other current policies make no
reference to environmental information. However, the category of
environmental information is wide and on reviewing the above you may wish
to make a more specific query to which I would be pleased to respond.


You may also find it helpful in considering this response to know that the
CEPC is a small, independent, statutory body established in 1824 and
managed by a voluntary board of commissioners, most of whom are local
residents. It operates only within a defined area of Regent’s Park,
London, plus three small garden areas at Carlton House Terrace,

The CEPC is an estate management and maintenance body funded entirely by
local rates and receives no public or local government funds. It is
currently not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


If you are not happy with the way in which your request has been dealt
with please contact the CEPC’s Director at [CEPC request email] or in writing.

Yours sincerely




Nahida Hussain

Resources Manager CEPC


Tel: 020 7935 8049

DDI: 020 7563 4734


Crown Estate Paving Commission

12 Park Square East

Regent’s Park

London NW1 4LH




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