Mid essex ccg did not know what it commisioned

iain made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board

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Dear NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board,

Mid essex ccg mental health commissioner was not able to put a list of secondary care mental health services it commissioned when asked.
I will put the list together for the ccg as the ccg also said its complex information and required 6 months to provide a one word with NHS suffix
The List

1, Why did it take so long?
It appears it was done on purpose

Please see ccg email copied below showing that it could not put list together.

"From: patient experience (NHS MID ESSEX CCG)
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 4:21 PM
To: Iain Gordon
Subject: RE: Formal complaint choice mental health - PALS/7441/GW

Dear Mr Gordon

Thank you for your email and please accept my apologies that the link did not work and I have attached the document that provides the information or you can find on our website – www.midessexccg.nhs.uk/patient choice.

Since receiving your further questions, I have spoken to the Commissioner for Mental Health Services and the answers are as follows:

There is no list of Trusts to be referred to. Mental health referrals would be made by either your GP to Health in Mind (IAPT) or you can self-refer online. Once received, IAPT triage the referral to the appropriate service.
I would therefore suggest that you may wish to speak to your GP or consider a self-referral as mentioned above.

If you need any further information then please let me know.

Kind regards



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Yours faithfully,

iain gordon

Dear NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board,

Please do remember as I have stated previously on numerous occasions.
Answer the questions put, not a question of your own making and in a format
that is suitable for patients with learning difficulty
Please do not refer to complex CCG/ICS documentation as the NHS is supposed to make information easily accessible for patients on the issues raised regarding obtaining NHS treatment.

Yours faithfully,

iain gordon

Dear NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board,

I first contacted the ccg in the early summer of 2019 regarding what choice was available for secondary care mental health.
In the summer of 2019 I suggested was it Eput only.
Step forward in time to the email I copied and pasted into this foi request dated 18 march 2020 and the ccg has still not revealed what services it commissioned provided a list.
The list consisted of
Eput NHS

One word with the NHS suffix
Why could the ccg customer services, complaints, or foi not provide this information?
And in a reasonable time?

As you know I have emailed Amanda Prichard to make her aware of this incompetency
Or was it done on purpose to try and make patients give up trying to access choice?

Why does the ccg, stp, ics not have this information fact freely available below?

Yours faithfully,

iain gordon