Metro refurbishment specification

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Dear Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive,

I would like to request any information held on the specification to which the Metrocars were refurbished too in the most recent refurbishment. Along with any changes that were made to the specification over the course of the refurbishment, if possible could a list of which specification each Metrocar was given be added also.

Yours faithfully,

Jason W

Freedom Info, Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive

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Dear Sir,

The refurbishment of the metro cars was completed on behalf of DB (Tyne and Wear )Ltd by their subcontractors Wabtec and Nexus were not party to the contract. I attach a list showing when metro cars were dispatched and returned to South Gosforth.

The specification applied to all cars which I would summarise a s follows;

Vehicle Body:

Detailed inspection of the first five units with structural repairs undertaken as required over entire body.
Exterior paintwork to a livery agreed with Nexus.
Waterproofing issues addressed
Flooring evaluated with damage and degradation rectified.
“Bagged” insulation installed where replacement is required.

Passenger Saloon Area:

New lighting diffusers
Replaced window seals
New floor covering
Refinished interior surfaces
New seating layout, replacement seat bases and backs, replacement seat coverings
RVAR improvements including a call-for-aid button and door step lighting
Modified handrails/grabpoles
Passenger counting technology in first 22 units.

Passenger Saloon Doors:

Full door overhaul, with defective or unrepairable door leaves changed out.
Contrasting strip on external stepboards for RVAR compliance.
New audible door warning tone
Renewed door seals
Refinished RVAR-compliant door push buttons

Driver’s Cab (applicable to A-End only):

Replacement floor covering
Refinished interior surfaces
New lighting system
New driver’s seat
New Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system
Refinished cab desk
Refurbished cab door
Improved cab step and handrails
Improved cab storage facilities
New cab signage
Replacement windscreen wash/wipe system

Electrical System:

Replacement of wiring including:
Wiring between central duct and door headers
Wiring of door headers on 4001 & 4002
Wiring between underframe and equipment cases/cases on the cab cupboard
Wiring contained within the main equipment cases
Wiring contained within the auxiliary cases
Lighting system wiring
Main cabling runs in the central duct, including existing spare wires

Yours Faithfully

Colin Whittle
Head of Legal Services

Nexus, Nexus House, St James' Boulevard, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4AX
Telephone 0191 2033239 / Fax 0191 2033180

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