Mental Health

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear West Lothian College,

Under the Freedom of Information Act can you please provide me with the following information:

On a ratio of 1 per 1000 students, how many did withdraw this academic year?

How many of these students indicated they had mental health issues or required counselling support?

What was the attainment rate of students with disabilities in your institution in Academic Year 13/14; 14/15; and 15/16?

Yours faithfully,

Jim Brown

FOI, West Lothian College

Thank you for your FOI request which is receiving our attention.

Kind regards

(on behalf of Jennifer McLaren, Assistant Principal, Curriculum Support & Finance)

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Anne Wilson, West Lothian College

Dear Sir


Re: Freedom of Information Request – 8 July 2016


I can provide the following data:


·         2015-2016 – 106 students per 1000 withdrew from all courses.


·         2015-2016 – of the students who withdrew 30 indicated a mental
health condition on the enrolment form.


·         2015-2016 – 23 students were provided with a counselling service
(not all of this cohort experienced mental health conditions).  No
statistics are held on the withdrawal rate for this cohort.


Attainment rate for students with disabilities (as noted at enrolment).


·           2013-2014 – 63.36%

·           2014-2015 – 67.5%

·           2015-2016 – data being collated.



No data held by the College has been withheld.


Your rights to further action are noted on the College Website under
Freedom of Information.


Yours faithfully




George Hotchkiss

Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Innovation


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Executive Secretary
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