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Dear Dundee and Angus College,

Under the Freedom of Information Act can you please provide me with the following information:

On a ratio of 1 per 1000 students, how many did withdraw this academic year?

How many of these students indicated they had mental health issues or required counselling support?

What was the attainment rate of students with disabilities in your institution in Academic Year 13/14; 14/15; and 15/16?

Yours faithfully,

James Brown

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Dear Jim

Thankyou for your request.

The withdrawal rate, correct at the time of writing, for 2015/16 is 11.1% (1,217 students out of 11,004 curriculum students). We do not measure withdrawal rate as a ratio per 1000 students. This is not necessarily the final withdrawal rate that will be published by SFC in our Performance Indicators. 3 withdrawn students indicated that they had mental health issues. It is unknown how many withdrawn students required counselling support.

Attainment rates (Successful Completion and Completed with Partial Success) for students who have declared that they have a disability are as follows: 2013/14 - 83.3%, 2014/15 - 75.7%, 2015/16 - this information does not yet exist.


Dundee and Angus College

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