Meetings of the Directors of Investigation and Enforcement Services

Peter Barraclough made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Insolvency Service

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Peter Barraclough

Dear Insolvency Service,

I made a request some while ago asking for the minutes relating to
meetings attended as a group by the Directors of Investigation and
Enforcement Services. This was fully complied with, thank you.

There was mention at the time that these minutes would be made available online in the future. I do not though seem to be able to track them down.

Please would you be able to direct me to the correct location if
they are available online?

Otherwise, please may I have copies of the minutes of the meetings
attended as a group by the directors of Investigation and
Enforcement Services, from 14 March 2012 to date?

Many thanks in advance,

Yours faithfully,

Peter Barraclough

Dugald.Jaffray, Insolvency Service

8 Atodiad

Dear Mr Barraclough

Thank you for your e mail of 15 August 2012 sent to the FOI inbox of the
Insolvency Service, which has been passed to me to reply to.

I should inform you that the minutes of IES directors meetings are not
yet available online. Redacted copies of the minutes of IES directors
meetings from 20 March 2012 to date are attached (a redacted copy of the
minutes for 19 March 2012 meeting was provided to you by my colleague
David Baker on 16 April 2012 in response to your previous request). The
redactions have been made due to claimed exemptions under section 40(2)
(personal information), section 35 (formulation of government policy
etc) and section 31 (law enforcement).

I trust this assists.

Dugald Jaffray

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