medicine statistics for undergraduate overseas non EU applicants

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Dear University of Hull,

Under the Freedom of Information act, could you please provide me with the following
1. Average ukcat score for international applicants(Non-EU overseas) that were called for interview for past five years
2. average ukcat score for international(Non –Eu overseas) applicants that were given offer for past five years
3. Weightage of ukcat , GCSE performance and personal statement for shortlisting of interview(non Eu overseas applicants).
4. Weightage of ukcat , GCSE performance, personal statement and interview performance for offer(non EU overseas applicants).
5. Are applicants with a higher situational judgment band score at an advantage during shortlisting or to distinguish between equal candidates?
6. How many applicants with less than 9 GCSE subjects were given offers ?
7. How many seats were there for non EU overseas candidates in the last five years?
8. How many offers were given to non EU overseas candidates in the last five years?
9. What is the country wise distribution for candidates given offer (non EU overseas international)?
10. What is the average number of A* at GCSE level for international non EU overseas applicants that were shortlisted for interview in the last five years?

Thanks a lot for your time. Please reply asap as the ucas deadline for medicine is very close.

Yours faithfully,

Sarthak Jain

Luke Thompson, University of Hull

5 Atodiad

Good morning,


Please find attached a Public Interest Test being applied to your FOI


Kind regards




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