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Dear Lancaster University,

I am currently looking at studying an MBA however with so much choice within the market I would like to know some more background and operational information which is not available on all the Universities website I am look at.

I would like to know the following information

1. Total MBA Budget per year, per course e.g. full time/part-time/flexible/executive
1.1 If possible how much of this is spent on teaching, overseas trips and scholarships.
2. The number of none academic staff that support the above courses e.g. recruitment staff/administration staff/ operational staff. Can this information be provided with if they are full time, part time etc, and the type of contact and job title
3. The number of academic staff that teach on the programme with the following information a) number of female and males, the number that have PhD's, the number that have practical non academic experience in business.
4. The size of the last two years MBA student body (number of students on each course)
5. The number of different nationalities within the student body over the last two years.
6. The female to male ratio for students in the last two years.

If calcification is required please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully,

Katie Kidd

Lancaster University

Thank you for submitting a request for information from Lancaster
University under the Freedom of Information Act. Your request ID is: 2624.
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We will endeavour to respond to your request as soon as possible, and this
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If you have supplied an email address, contact will usually be via email,
otherwise, this will be by letter.
Should we require further clarification in order to respond to your
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The personal information you have supplied will be stored by Lancaster
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doing this.
Yours sincerely
Departmental Information Officer

Freedom of Information,

2 Atodiad

Dear Ms Kidd


Please find attached the response to your recent Freedom of Information




The Information Governance Team

Lancaster University

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