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Dear Shireland Collegiate Academy,

1. Please could you provide data for the total spend on marketing and public relations activities in the academic years 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and 2011/12 (to date).

2. Please could you also provide a detailed breakdown of the total marketing/PR spend using the following categories:


-social media

-printed media (e.g. letters and leaflets)

-advertising (including posters and banners)

-consultation (of parents)

-photography/digital media



-public relations representation (to secure local or national print or broadcast media coverage or manage unfavourable media coverage, for example)

3. Please could you confirm whether you employ a full or part-time member of staff with responsibility for external public relations, marketing or communications. If so, please provide a figure for their annual salary (before tax) and any additional benefits such as pensions or bonuses.

4. Please could you confirm whether you have engaged the services of an education consultancy, during the last six years, for the purposes of public relations/marketing and/or to generate media coverage (print or broadcast) or manage unfavourable coverage.

If so, please provide the name of the organisation or individual, plus details of their duties and responsibilities, as per the contractual agreement. Please also provide details of how much they have been paid to date including any monthly or annual retainers.
If the consultancy has been arranged via a third party i.e. consultants, project management companies or contractors, please provide the full name of the organisation and their duties and responsibilities, as per the contractual agreement. Please also provide details of how much they have been paid to date, including any monthly or annual retainers.

Yours faithfully,

Rhian Jones

M Adams, Shireland Collegiate Academy

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The following information is provided in response to your request:

1.       Total spend on marketing and public relations activities

2009/10 - £38,065
2010/11 - £28,857 + salary cost
2011/12 - £7,886 + salary cost


2.       Breakdown

|  |2009/10 |2010/11 |2011/12 |
|Website |  |  |£599 |
|Social Media |0 |0 |0 |
|Printed including prospectus |£4,918 |£5,098 |£3,287 |
|Advertising |£21,700 |£23,759 |£4,000 |
|Consultation of parents |£1,900 |0 |0 |
|Photography/Digital media |£9,547 |0 |0 |
|Salaries |0 |£7,125 |£2,375 |
|Entertainment/gifts |0 |0 |0 |
|Public Relations representation|0 |0 |0 |


3.       We do not employ anyone with responsibility for public
relations.  We employ a Family Communications Manager who manages contact
with families as part of the role but also manages the academy
administration team, resources and reception.
We employ 0.25 of a post to produce marketing material, including
information on opening evenings for new intakes, publicising academy
events etc., and to place advertisements in relevant media the cost of
this post is £7,125 per annum.

4.       Until 31 August 2011 the Academy was sponsored by the Ormiston
Trust, we used Ormiston Education Limited to manage our marketing strategy
from our opening in 2007 to August 2011.  The cost of this service was
included within an annual fee for a number of services it is estimated
that the proportion paid annually for this was between £5, 000 - £8,000.




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