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Dear Department of Health,

The Department of Health recently published the “Local authority public health allocations 2015 to 2016” consultation.

Option B was presented as : “B. Identify LAs that carried forward unspent reserves into 2015/16 and claim a correspondingly larger share of the savings from them”, however no further details were provided about the amount that each Local Authority had in reserve.

The only way for the public to make an informed decision on this matter is for them to see the figures. I would therefore like to request that you provide a further annex that :

1) Details for every Local Authority the amount they have in reserve.
2) The amount in reserve for previous financial years ideally for at least the last 3 years.

This will afford myself and other members of the public the opportunity to see in what areas finances are being underspent or over allocated and make an informed response to your consultation document.

Yours faithfully,

Dan bayley

Department of Health and Social Care

1 Atodiad

Our ref: DE00000951398 
Dear Mr Bayley, 
Please find attached the Department's response to your recent FOI request.

Yours sincerely,
Alison Tingle
Freedom of Information Officer
Department of Health

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