LNAT and AS score for M100 Undergraduate Entry

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Dear University of Oxford,

I am making an enquiry into your School's selection procedures for M100 (Jurisprudence) entry.

In the application cycle(s) for 2015 entry and/or 2016 entry,

Did anyone with AS grades totalling 'ABBC' - or UMS equivalent - secure an interview for the M100 (Jurisprudence) course?

What was the lowest, NOT average, LNAT MCQ score (out of 42) recorded to secure an interview?

Yours faithfully,

Tobias Brown

UAS Foi, University of Oxford

Thank you for your request, which is now being processed. You will receive a response by the statutory deadline of 16th September.

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UAS Foi, University of Oxford

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The response to your request is attached.

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