Liverpool Echo (Liam Thorp) Cover-up, with Martin Grant /Ref/ Mayors son?

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Martin Grant: Union project made thug its safety boss.
By: Andrew Norfolk, Louisa Clarence-Smith, Matt O’Donoghue
Wednesday January 20, 2021, The Times London

After Grant left prison in 2019, he was swiftly appointed managing director of Safety Support Consultants (SSC), a company owned by the son of Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool.

1, Why has a top Political reporter from the Liverpool Echo (Liam Thorp) failed to expose this when in 2019 he was told the background details of “Martin Grant” with links to the Mayor Joe Anderson and David Anderson is Liam Thorp working for Reach PLC and moonlighting for the Anderson family?

2, Why and how can the Times find this out, yet Reach PLC Liverpool Echo hides it?

3, Liam Thorp did the same thing with Cllr Calvert on “Fox Street Village Ltd” and Hughes PR.
Will the LCC explain why Liam Thorp has never investigated the -Mayor- or members of his family, when sent files and data on this was sent to him over 2 years ago?

4, Why is the London Times always ahead of: Liam Thorp and your local Liverpool Echo, yet the LCC and Mr. Thorp seem to hide this?

Liam Thorp was told of Cllr Kennedy ,over 14 months ago and Metalworks working with MSB Solicitors Liverpool, and Tony Freeman this was sent to both the Liverpool Echo and Roger Mann LLC why did the LCC blank this?

Yours faithfully,

Anna Robins

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