Liverpool Echo, Emilia Bona,how did she get this fake news?

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Liverpool City Council.

sue li wong (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

To: Planning, Nick Kavanagh, Cllr Joe Hanson, Roger Mann, Liverpool City Council.

Surrenden Invest, Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Fulham, London
First, look inside the luxury new city centre flats in a former leather factory
'The Tannery' is set to open next year - with plans for a breath-taking roof garden.

By Emilia Bona Senior General Reporter at the Liverpool Echo 14th Of March 2019

1/ Will the Liverpool City Council supply the full and real details of this project?

2/ When did Surrenden Invest, start the construction build of the three towers at Bevington Bush L3?

3/ Will the council supply all the 106 fees and has planning permission been granted?

4/ Will the LCC please try to explain how the Echo are writing misleading reports on failed developments all over the city while the Mayor says not one word?

According to the Senior Reporter at the Liverpool Echo, Emilia Bona, the new site is due to open in 2020, has Emilia Bona ever contacted the LCC and did any factual background checks into this site and the “Tannery”

The problem now it seems is that these inexperienced reporters feeding false and misleading adverts as news to the public about the demand for non-existing building, and it’s been used all over the world to take advance of investors who may lose investments.

Emilia Bona has or may have got her story by way of just one PR email, without checking her facts?

Why is this? LCC will find that the planning application was not done by Surrenden Invest.
Surrenden Invest is not the “Developer” as she has claimed.

“The former leather factory is being converted into apartments by Surrenden Invest, who have adopted a policy of 'brownfield first' with this development on industrial land”.

Jonathan Stephens, managing director of Surrenden Invest, said: "We've coined the term 'brownfield boutique' to inspire developers to take a fresh look at how we think about brownfield sites.

Also, there is no office or new jobs as claimed by Jonathan Stephens of Surrenden Invest.
In fact, it has no links to the city of Liverpool only that is trying to sell off-plan apartments up to £250,000 with the help of the Liverpool Echo.

Are these PR and London agents working with the LCC and the Liverpool Echo to dress up adverts as news reports?

Subject: full staff complement up to 29.

Such is the demand for Surrenden Invest’s services and investment opportunities that the company has already expanded from its London headquarters to open a secondary office in Liverpool’s financial district.

Opened in October 2017, the Surrenden Invest Liverpool office takes the full staff complement up to 29.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Sue Li Wong

sue li wong (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Emilia Bona from the Liverpool Echo has now come forward to explain her role in this mess.
She was sent in a PR in which she did not do any background checks on the company.
She also said that a number of buyers had called the Echo saying they could not get back their down payments, she now feels this could be a scam like Chinatown & Pall Mall.
She will be asked if the Echo has kept all logs about buyers calling up and if she or the Echo are going to pass any information over to the CID and or SFO?
As to why this paper (Echo) keeps on reporting misleading and fake reports on all of these scam sites needs to be asked by the police and the LCC.

Yours faithfully,

sue li wong

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Ms Li Wong


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