Littering and Fly-tipping

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Dear Heybridge Parish Council,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

Could you please answer the following questions with regards to Littering and Fly-tipping in your area - thank you!

Please could you provide the requested data per year for the last 5 years (2015- 2020)

1. What is the fine cost of a littering Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?
2. How many FPNs did you issue for littering?
3. How many FPNs for littering were paid for each year over the last 5 years?
4. How many council complaints have you had for littering?
5. How many employees do you have that litter pick and how has this number changed over the last 5 years?
6. How many journalist inquiries regarding litter picking have you received over the last 5 years?
7. How many staff members were furloughed during 2020 and 2021?

Please could you provide the requested data per year for the last 5 years (2015- 2020)

1. What is the fine cost for a Fly-tipping FPN?
2. How many fly-tipping FPN have you issued for each year over the last 5 years?
3. How much money was collected from FPNs for Fly-tipping each year for the last 5 years?
4. How many reports/complaints on fly-tipping did you receive for the above time frame?
5. What is the cost to the council to rectify fly-tipping offences?

Thank you so much,
Ellen Blacow

Heybridge Parish Council

Hi Ellen

Thank you for your enquiry. I believe this would be best answered by the District Council as they would have the information required.

You would need to send a request to website so that the FOI is logged and processed accordingly within 30 working day period.

Kind regards

Mandy Hilton

Clerk to Heybridge Parish Council
Plantation Hall
Colchester Road

Direct Line: 01621 855652
General: 01621 852471
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