List of Licensed Premises

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Dear North Lanarkshire Licensing Board,

I note that previous requests on this site for a list of the Licensed Premises under the remit of North Lanarkshire Council have been met (footnotes 1 and 2). Could you please provide an up to date list of this information.

With regards to the Public Register for information on Alcohol Licences, Glasgow City Council provides a very comprehensive version of their information downloadable as a spreadsheet (footnote 3), and South Lanarkshire Council provide a web search of their register (footnote 4). Does North Lanarkshire Council have any plans to provide similar access to the information they hold and when will it be provided?

(4) https://licensingregisters.southlanarksh...

Yours faithfully,

M Sharp

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Hi Mr Sharp

There is no online register of licensed premises at present however I enclose a copy of the list of licensed premises for your perusal. The Council is working towards a digital solution and licensing will be a part of that but unfortunately I do not have a timeframe at present for when that will be completed for licensing but when it is there should be a fully automated process for submitting applications and accessing relevant information.

Jacqueline Worton
Licensing Administration Manager
Tel: 01698 302459

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