List of council housing addresses

Northamptonshire County Council Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Northamptonshire County Council,

Please supply a list (spreadsheet or similar is fine) of all council housing under your remit.

Please also supply a list of ex-council housing (ie properties bought out under right-to-buy etc).

I request this on the basis that another council Welyn Hatfield Borough Council has already completed similar FOI request.

Yours faithfully,

Josef Smith

Freedom of Information,

1 Atodiad

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for your email.


Housing falls under the jurisdiction of the District and Borough councils
rather than the County Council and so we believe that they will hold the
information you require.


To assist you, we have attached contact details for them.


Kind regards


Sarah Jobling

Senior Administrator

Freedom of Information/Data Protection Team

Business Intelligence and Project Management

Northamptonshire County Council


Tel: 01604 368360

[email address]








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