Limited County Court Insolvency Jurisdiction

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Dear Law Commission,

Limited County Court Insolvency Jurisdiction

FOIA the jurisdiction of County Court to hear Insolvency, before and after 22 April 2014.

State the date it has been given powers in excess of hearing of general insolvency matters (local business) that do not include contested insolvency bankruptcy hearings.

As a limited court of jurisdiction that has only ever been given the power to hear general insolvency matters and not contested and opposed creditor's bankruptcy petition against natural individuals , confirm the date district judges ( county court) and also circuit judges ( county court) were given the jurisdiction to hear opposed cases.

Yours faithfully,

Deb Williams

LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

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Law Commission

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LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

Dear Deb Williams,

Thank you for your request for information dated 26th October 2018.

I have forwarded your email to the relevant team, who shall look into your enquiry.

Kind regards,

Jamil Hussain | Law Commission
Corporate Services Team Assistant
1st Floor, Tower, Post Point 1.54, 52 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AG
(access via 102 Petty France)
Email: [email address]
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Burgoyne, Laura, Law Commission

Dear Ms Williams

You requested information from the Commission under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Your request has been handled by the Commercial and Common Law team.

I am writing now to advise you that we have made a search of our records and have concluded that the Commission does not hold the information which you are seeking. We have not done any work in this area. It may be, however, that the information you seek is held by the Insolvency Service. Their telephone number is 0300 678 0015, and there is a contact form at

If you are not content with the manner in which we have handled your request for information you can ask us to conduct an internal review of the request. Please write to [email address] for advice as to how to initiate the internal procedure. We ask that your request for a review is made within two months of the date of this letter.

If you remain dissatisfied with the handling of your request you have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner at:
The Information Commissioner’s Office
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Yours sincerely

Laura Burgoyne | Law Commission
Head of Commercial and Common Law
Tel: 020 3334 5327| [mobile number]
Email: [email address]
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Dear Burgoyne, Laura,

Thank you for confirming that the Law Commission have not done any work in the area of Insolvency, may I suggest that this is put onto your agenda as a matter of urgency because the Insolvency Service who holds information is often reluctant to share it with the public, especially when it comes to council's acting as billing authorities being treated as private entities within the courts and not government bodies( departments).

Yours sincerely,

Deb Williams