Licensing and launch date of ride-hailing service providers by local authority level

Pinar Bilgin made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Guildford Borough Council

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Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Guildford Borough Council,

I’m Pinar Bilgin. I’m a PhD student at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. I’m studying the impacts of ride-hailing services (such as Uber) on different transport modes in the UK. Under the Freedom of Information Act/Environmental Information Regulations, I would like to request the following information:
1) Are any of the following ride-hailing service providers operating in your Local Authority?
• Uber
• Bolt
2) If yes, are they operating with or without a license issued by your Local Authority?
3) When did they first start to operate (launch date) in this Local Authority?
4) Do they continue operating in this Local Authority? If no, when did they stop operating in this Local Authority?
5) Since their first start date, have any operators had their licence suspended? If so, when?

Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

Pinar Bilgin

FOI, Guildford Borough Council

Dear Pinar Bilgin,

We have considered your request for information and can advise as follows.

Uber are operating in our Authority area however do not hold a Private
Hire Operators Licence with Guildford Council. They began operating in
late 2015 although we do not have the exact date.

OLA are licensed with Guildford Council however we do not believe that
they have begun operating.

Bolt are not licensed with Guildford Council and we do not believe that
they are operating in our area.

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Yours sincerely

Mike Smith