Libyan Compensation for IRA victims

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Dear Home Office,
In light of the regime change the new government in Libya are promising to compensate 'victims' of IRA terrorism if it is proved that explosives or weapons used in said atrocities were supplied by the former Libyan government under Col Gaddafi.Could you supply me with the following information ...

1)Will the home office be fully supporting the victims in investigations to ascertain the source of said weapons and explosives as regards links to the Gaddafi regime and subsequent compensation claims ?

Yours faithfully,

Jeff Hayward

Gadawodd Martin McGartland anodiad ()

This is not the first time the British State have used the ‘National security’ tactic as an excuse for not giving a full response to controversial questions and allegations concerning their dealings with the 1999 attempted murder of ex- British agent Martin McGartland. This is what they do, they cover-up, they lie, they break the law and they are protecting the IRA terrorists who carried out the shooting of Martin McGartland, they have been doing so for the past 12 years. Just have a look at some of the dirty tricks of the British State;

Dear Home Office,
By law,you should have given me a response by now,12 October 2011

Yours faithfully,

Jeff Hayward

Dear Home Office,
Can you please answer my request as you are required to do by law.

Yours faithfully,

Jeff Hayward

FOI Responses, Home Office

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Dear Mr Hayward,


Please find attached a response to your correspondence to the Home Office
of 14 September 2011. Please accept my apologies for the delay in
responding to you.


Kind regards,


R. Clifford


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Dear FOI Responses,
Sorry for any confusion.I will clarify
my request ...

1) Can you supply all recorded information as regards steps being taken by the Home Office to support victims of IRA terrorism where it is deemed\proven that weapons/explosives used in said IRA terrorist atrocities were imported from Libya under Col Gadaffi's regime.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Hayward

Home Office

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