Dear Engineering Construction Industry Training Board,

Please could you provide me with a copy of a structure chart for your Legal Team with an indication of which positions are held by temporary or contract workers

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Fuller

Angela Ensten, Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your FOI received by the ECITB on 4 August 2010 regarding
the legal team structure.

The ECITB is an Industrial Training Board, which is funded by a training
levy paid by engineering construction employers. The ECITB is a
non-departmental public body and a charity registered with the Charity
Commission in England and Wales. Authority to raise a training levy is
granted by the Secretary of State for Business Innovation & Skills only
following the agreement of a majority of levy-paying employers in
accordance with a formal consultation process.

The ECITB does not have an internal legal team and therefore is unable to
supply you with any structure chart.

Yours sincerely,

Angela Ensten
HR Manager

Direct: 01923 402127
E-mail: [email address]
Website: [1]

Engineering Construction Industry Training Board
Blue Court, Church Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 8JP
Registered as a charity in England & Wales No. 264506

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