Legacy, History and Heritage Implications arising from th decision to close RAF HALTON

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Dear Defence Infrastructure Organisation,

RAF Halton Closes by 2022. It has significant recognised military history associated with the 20th Century including WW1 , WW 11 and the Cold War. This is manifested in a number of ways includIng Rolls of Honour and specialty windows in St George's Church as well as the pictorial and Archive stories ranging from that associated with Frank Whittle and many WW11 heroes from the 40000 plus RAF Engineering Apprentices who trained at RAF HALTON for 73 of the first 100 years of the Royal Air Force. It is a significant component in the history of Lord Trenchatd's vision for the foundation of the Service.

What plans are in place to ensure the markers for this Legacy and Heritage ( already in place and available for access by the public) will be sustained at the site-perhaps in what is now St Gerorge's Church - following closure.

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