Law Commission reports - Council Tax, Bankruptcy Courts,Insolvency Services,Land Registry

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Dear Law Commission,

Law Commission reports - Council Tax, Bankruptcy Courts,Insolvency Services,Land Registry

As a statutory body who function it is to keep the law under review and to make recommendations for its reform, can you please provide all law commission reports etc concerning the above and in particular any that relate to the new Insolvency Practice Direction that came into force in 4 July 2018, that amended the April 2018 PD due to the South East being severely criticised for their "discrepancies" and bad "practices" when dealing with insolvency work compared to the rest of the country.

In particular any reports that relate to the prevention of connivance between services and fraudulent activities designed to deprive families of their homes.

Yours faithfully,

Deb Williams

LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

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Thank you,

Law Commission

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LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

Dear Ms Williams,

Thank you for your request for information dated 22/08/18. We acknowledge receipt. We are handling your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We will respond to you as promptly as possible and, in any event, will provide the information you seek within 20 working days from receipt of your request, unless it transpires that we do not hold the information or that the information is exempt from disclosure. In the latter event we will advise you why the information sought cannot be disclosed. Your request for information will be handled within the Commission by the Property, Family and Trust team.

If you have any query in the meantime relating to your request please contact me in this office who acts as the Commission’s FOI co-ordinator.


Viral Patel
Corporate Services Team
Law Commission | 1st Floor | Tower | Post Point 1.54 | 52 Queens Anne’s Gate | London | SW1H 9AG | (Access via 102 Petty France)

F 020 3 334 3648 Web:
w [email address]

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Clarke, Spencer, Law Commission

Dear Ms Williams


Thank you for your email of 22 August. We do not have any reports - or any
materials - dealing with the particular insolvency practice direction that
you mention. Regarding the other topics that you mention (insolvency
services, bankruptcy courts, Land Registry and Council Tax) many of the
Law Commission's reports are likely to touch on the first three of the
topics and it is possible that council tax is also mentioned in some of
our reports. All of our publications are available either on our website
([1] or,
if published before 1 January 1995, on the British and Irish Legal
Information Institute website, see


Both websites are publicly accessible. Accordingly, the information that
you request is exempt under section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act
2000, because the information is reasonably accessible to you, as it is
already in the public domain.


However, I mention below some of the Commission's more recent reports that
you may find useful. You may also find it helpful to look at the list
showing the implementation status of our law reports in our latest
(2017/18) annual report, which appears at Appendix A (see


Our recently published report Updating the Land Registration Act 2002 (see
deals extensively with HM Land Registry and also deals with insolvency in
that context, as does our 2001 report in the same area Land Registration
for the Twenty-First Century (see


We are due to publish a consultation paper dealing with leasehold
enfranchisement, which may touch on HM Land Registry. This will be
published in autumn 2018 and, once published, will be found at
[6], where you
can also find an explanation of the project.


We are also considering the law of commonhold which will involve
consideration of how insolvency may affect a commonhold scheme more
generally. Commonholds will be created through registration at HM Land
Registry. However, we do not envisage our commonhold project will result
in any amendment to existing law as it applies to insolvency or land
registration. We are planning to publish our commonhold consultation paper
in November this year. The consultation paper, once published, will be
found at  [7] (where you can
also find the call for evidence document that has already been published,
and an explanation of the project).


Other reports that have touched on bankruptcy or insolvency are Consumer
Prepayments on Retailer Insolvency (see
and From Bills of Sale to Goods Mortgages (see


If you are not content with the manner in which we have handled your
request for information you can ask us to conduct an internal review of
the request. If that is the case, please contact Gulzar Gill, our FoI
co-ordinator, who will explain and initiate the internal procedure for
you. We ask that your request for a review is made within two months of
the date of this latter.


If you remain dissatisfied with the handling of your request you have a
right of appeal to the Information Commissioner at:


The Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane,
Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF


t. 0303-123-1113

w. [10]


Yours sincerely


Spencer Clarke | Law Commission

Lawyer | Property, Family and Trust Law Team

1st Floor, Tower, Post Point 1.53, 52 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AG

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