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Ruth Grocock (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to General Register Office

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan General Register Office.

Ruth Grocock (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear General Register Office,

Please provide information on how people apply for a Certificate Of Live Birth to include the time of birth and all information confirming it relates to a fully recognised ‘living person’

Your government website only offers standard birth certificates can you explain WHY you are not offering citizens access to their full entitlement to their LIVERY in order that they can claim their TITLE to the deed after their 18th birthday.

Please provide information on why parents are not fully informed of the purpose of enforced ‘under duress’ registration of births. Why is the law not explained to people properly before being ‘threatened’ to sign such documents?

Once I have access to my certificate of live birth ‘certified’ please provide me information on where I send it to get myself verified as the rightful owner of my TITLE.

Yours faithfully,

Ruth Grocock

FOI, General Register Office

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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

GRO First Point of Contact,

Dear Ruth,

In relation to your request we are treating it as a 'Business As Usual' request and not as a Freedom of Information Request.

I have read the content of your email and I am now in a position to respond to some of the points you raise.

The General register Office does not provide a 'Certificate of Live Birth' containing the information you mention, I believe you may be referring to a notification made to the local health authorities shortly after the birth by, for example, a doctor or midwife who attended the birth. I think practice has varied over the years as to exactly in what form such notifications were made, and I do not know whether health authorities retain these. If you wish to pursue this I can only suggest that you contact the health authority for the area in which you were born to see whether they may still have any such record.

The registration is not “owned” in and of itself; the register is held by law (Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953) with the Superintendent Registrar of the district where the birth was registered. The data in the entry is not “owned”. The birth registration or birth certificate does not therefore create a Government bond or asset that would be then be the property of each person registered - it is simply a record of an event.

The birth registration or birth certificate does not create a Government bond or asset that would be then be the property of each person registered - it is simply a record of an event.

As far as we’re concerned, registering a birth is simply the act of recording details which are given to the registrar by the mother and/ or father. This contemporary record then provides evidence for both the parents and the child (in later life) to help demonstrate entitlement to e.g. benefits, passport, pension etc. It also helps in the planning of state services such as education, health etc.

But what it doesn’t do is create a legal fiction / entity or set up a trust of some sort.

I hope the above answers your queries.



Andrew Knowles
Customer Correspondence Manager

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