Latest TASER use Statistics

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Dear Home Office,

Could you please release any statistics held on TASER usage in the UK since 30 September 2009.

Many thanks,


Richard Taylor

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In response to my last request on this subject the Home Office stated updated statistics would be published before the end of 2010.

The latest proactively published statistics as at the time of writing are for the period to 30 September 2009; those statistics contain the statement: "In keeping with our open and transparent approach on the use of Taser, updated figures will normally be published on a quarterly basis."


Richard Taylor

Home Office

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Reference : T946/11

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry of 17/01/2011 12:03:19 PM

A reply is attached.

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Gadawodd Richard Taylor anodiad ()

The response states:

"I have sought advice and I can confirm the latest published information on taser use only covers the period to 30 September 2009. Since the change in Government, the frequency and type of reporting of taser use has still to be decided by the Ministers."

While no exemptions are specifically cited the response does say:

"Once these statistics are collated, they will be published on the Home Office website: "

So that looks as if the reason for not supplying the information is that they intend to publish it in the future. (ie. they're relying on the exemption in S.22 of the FOIA -

I think it is poor that the response does not clearly state if the information is held or not. .