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Nupur Anand made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to The Institute of Cancer Research

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Dear The Institute of Cancer Research,

Can you please provide information on your current supplier of Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Unified Communication, Telephony, Contact Centre, PBX, Mobile, Calls & Lines along with their respective contract start/ expiry dates, annual & total contract value and contract description? Also if your existing contract is going to expire/or already expired, then what are the replacement/extension plans?

Yours faithfully,

Nupur Anand

foi, The Institute of Cancer Research

Dear Ms Anand,

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, confirms receipt of your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will respond in due course.


The ICR Freedom of Information Office

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foi, The Institute of Cancer Research

Dear Ms Anand,

Thank you for your email to The Institute of Cancer Research, London, requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please find our response below:

Wide Area Network (WAN):
BT/Thus Ltd for the inter-site LES line connections, annual contract runs from January to December, totalling £162k plus VAT

Local Area Network (LAN):
BTiNet (for Cisco Ethernet switches x 240), annual support contract runs from March to February, totalling £8k plus VAT
We review our third-party support contracts within three months of their scheduled expiry to ensure we are still getting value for money for them and to possibly re-negotiate or switch suppliers if the cost is deemed too great or we have had issues with their support over the preceding year.

Unified Communication, Telephony, Contact Centre, PBX, Mobile, Calls & Lines:
We do not currently utilise a Unified Comms solution.
Fixed line voice services across the whole of our estate are provided over a dedicated private network. This network is operated and maintained by the Facilities directorate. Mobile services are managed separately, by the Finance directorate, and the Local and Wide Area Networks are the responsibility of the IT directorate.
The private network is based on DX digital private automatic branch exchanges (PABX) at each main site, interconnected by private circuits. The exchanges are maintained under a long-term contract with Unify, value approximately £25,000 per annum, which ends in 2017 The digital private circuits are rented from British Telecom (BT).
The maintenance contract with Unify also includes an Xpressions voicemail system and DX Webpro management system; both systems serving all main sites. Call Logging reports are provided from an outsourced service, also provided by Unify under the contract. Operator service is centralized on the Sutton site, using PC-based consoles.
Most public network services are provided by Colt, for direct exchange lines and outgoing calls from the private network, and BT, for incoming calls to the private network. Separate DDI number ranges serve the Sutton and Chelsea systems. The ICR private network is interconnected with that of The Royal Marsden by means of an on-site digital private circuit on the Sutton campus. The supply of network services is regularly reviewed, to ensure best value.
A number of measures exist in the private voice network to add resilience against faults and failures, and to provide for continuing service in the event of emergency.
The Institute has strategic plans to develop its telephony services by means of unified communications.

I trust this satisfies your request.

The ICR Freedom of Information Office.

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