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sue made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Slough Borough Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Slough Borough Council.

Dear Slough Borough Council,

Request you to please provide me with the latest Contract Register of Slough Borough Council.

I am not able to find the information so that I can download the list in a CSV file . I would like to have a list of the Council's latest contracts register which will include the Council's current contracts. In that list, I need the information, like the contract title, start date, end date, extension month (if any), contract value, supplier name. Request you to please forward a list of a latest Contract Register.

Further to this, could you please guide me from where I will be able to get the latest Contract Registers published in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Sue Brown

FOI, Slough Borough Council

Thank you for your email.


Providing excellent customer services is one of the council’s key


Your enquiry will now be forwarded to the relevant department to answer.


We will reply fully to all written enquiries within 10 working days
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If your enquiry is a Freedom of Information request, the council may take
up to 20 working days to respond.



If you do not receive a satisfactory response by this time you can contact
our complaints department. More details here:


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This is to acknowledge receipt of your FOI request which is receiving attention


SBC FOI Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Another one gone overdue. Surely the authority should have this information readily available. For what possible reason could they excuse missing the deadline?

Yet another one for the ICO I think...

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Still no response...

Gadawodd Janik2 anodiad ()

Dear Mr or Mrs Witch,

Please do make a big effort and try to be reasonable and forgiving. This is, after all, not a normal council. but one renown for many things including professional incompetence at the highest levels. For example, circa 2003 or 2004 I asked the chief finance officer (tasked by the council's rules known as the Constitution to maintain a Register of all Contracts) to show me the register. He was astonished. It took me some effort to persuade him it was his duty to compile a register. Never actually saw the non-existent register. After that I was a marked man despised by the Council Mafia and still have the knife wounds on my back to prove it.

With kind regards,

A Council Victim (just one in an increasingly long queue).

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Dear Mr Victim
Thank you for correcting me. I mistakenly believed the authority was bound by the same Data Protection Act as everyone else.
My mistake.

Gadawodd Slough Swan anodiad ()

Dear Friendly Witch,

If I might politely interject, I saw your new high-powered superfast two-seater 2017-model broomstick flying over the lake where my family and I live. You must have been doing in excess of 350 kph. Your navigation lights are rather bright; red on the left and the green on the right.

Slough Council is immune from the Laws of England and has been for many years. The police refuse to investigate wrongdoings. The council management routinely ignore protests and correspondence of a legal or potential legal nature. Staff allegations of wrong doing routinely result in the whistle-blowers being thrown-out of their jobs. Only yesterday a police officer fishing in my lake, off-duty of course, said the police won't do anything because if Slough was investigated it could cause a domino effect of many other councils being exposed for criminal wrong doings.

Luckily neither of us are prone to the council's slogan "We don't care, so why should you".

I'm gliding across the moonlit lake listening to Opus 20 by a wonderful talented European (1840-1893), the type some which to exclude from the UK.

Don't forget to toot and wave when you next fly over.

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Indeed it was me good Swan. I noticed you gliding gracefully over the water with your brood of cygnets in your wake.

Listen for the talented European's Opus 39 No. 20, as my familiar and I pass over your lake this evening.

Gadawodd Slough Swan anodiad ()

Although an avid lover of this European genius since my cygnet day's, my family and I have never heard your tune before.

Our neighbour's, the Crows, suggest opus 49 will inspire and motivate those seeking the overthrown of tyranny. They are teaming-up with the Magpies and Blackbirds to dive-bomb the rascals. Five squadrons of coastal gulls are expected to join-in.

Friendly frogs mistakenly though Slough Council was boring. The oppressed are arising. A revolution is coming.

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

My tune is a great favourite with my familiars and me. Although anyone may enjoy it, the genius wrote it for children and young creatures. I think your cygnets will enjoy it.

Your neighbours have excellent taste in music and I look forward to rejoicing with you.

Meanwhile, the genius' Opus 31 will inspire courage in all who strive to defeat evil and restore decency.


Gadawodd Slough Swan anodiad ()

Your Majesty, my Queen of the Night.

If it pleases your Majesty, the addition of 18 produces an Opus inspiring your Majesty's oppressed to awaken, confront and ultimately defeat the parasitic enemy.


Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Dearest Odette

How your darling little cygnets have grown since 'Sue' made this FOI request on 20th April 2017. I am sure no one could have predicted how they would grow from adorable little balls of fluff to graceful young swans before the authority responded, or even excused its tardy response.

Still, never mind. While waiting for the authority's response, I have the perfect opportunity to observe the charming young birds and their progress towards adult swanhood.

Many good wishes to you and yours


Gadawodd Slough Swan anodiad ()

Your Majesty, my Queen of the Night.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. My cob and I are enthralled with the growth of our beautiful cygnets. They make us proud and contented parents.

Yesterday, our neighbours plonked into the lake playfully splashing our youngsters. Later Mrs Frog asked us a difficult question "When will Sue get her answers?". As much as wise owl tried to explain the slough council system, Mrs Frog can not really understand it. She is confused by the incompatibility of council service with public accountability. She mistakenly though they were names for the same thing. She also asked why was a law necessary if the council was truly providing "transparency" to the public.

My cob worked hard to create a landing strip for you on the south side of the lake, west of the lilac tree. At night it is outlined with solar-powered LED lights. He said to tell you runways 27 and 09 and being an aeronautical navigator you'll understand.

Hope to see you soon.


Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Dear Odette

My familiars are becoming restless.

Grimalkin, has just reminded me that truth seeker Sue still has not received her answer, despite her request being quite shockingly overdue. 'Why might that be?' He asked.

Morgana, the cheeky little thing, suggested they might not keep a 'Contract Register' and they therefore have nothing to disclose. 'Nonsense' I told her 'It is a statutory requirement. Surely they must keep such a register and make it available to truth seekers such as Sue'.

'Dearest Mother!' they all exclaimed 'The strength of the Summer Soltice Sun must have addled your brain'.

At once they compelled me to lie in the shade of my forest bed while they mopped my fevered brow with cold, wet moss...

Gadawodd Slough Sparrow anodiad ()

Dear Witch and all others lusting for the truth,

Councillors are afraid as staff to comment on the disarray. Resources and priority is devoted to concealing a sensational scandal at the top. Everything else can wait.

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Dearest Sparrow

How you like to tease! When might we learn this juicy secret? I must confess, I do enjoy a gossip...

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Still no answer? I am shocked! No I'm not...

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Poor Sue must have the patience of Job. Why are they taking so long? Surely they could have compiled a register in the time since Sue made her request.

Gadawodd Brian Sanders anodiad ()

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 Section 60 goes much further and recommends publishing all contracts in their entirety where the value of the contract exceeds £5,000

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

SBC does not recognise legal obligations, Brian. The information Sue has requested is not even made available to internal departments that need it to carry out their functions. The public has no chance.

The authority's contracts are made and agreed in such a way that adversely impacts on budgets and the level of service that can be delivered to local council tax payers. Whether this is due to corruption or good old fashioned incompetence, I cannot say. Either way they must be held accountable for the resulting failures and waste of public funds.

The authority does not want evidence of their failures exposed to the public. That is probably why this request has been ignored.

The only way they will be made accountable for failures is if members of the public make them accountable. The ICO will carry out an audit if enough people complain about their breaches of FOI legislation.

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

Still no answer.

Why don't they do something refreshing and admit they don't hold a register?

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

I have composed a little poem in the form of a limerick. It is not the greatest poem ever written, but I hope it might cheer and entertain Sue and all the other people waiting patiently (and otherwise) for honest disclosures from the council:

There was a young lady named Sue,
whose request went long overdue.
She was patient and calm,
before raising alarm
Because she knows they haven’t a clue.

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

I see they still haven't answered truth seeker Sue.

Here is a little poem to help us understand. Perhaps the sweet song birds of the forest can put it to a tune...

O Why do they ignore good Sue Brown?
Has she done something bad to make them frown?
Why oh why are they in such a panic?
Do they think she's a friend of their foe, Mr Janik?
Just tell her the truth and what she wants to know.
Then she will be happy and off she will go.

_FreedomOfInformation, Slough Borough Council

Dear Sue

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this response.

The councils existing contract register which can be found by following the link below is not fit for purpose.

The councils Procurement, Legal and Finance teams are currently working on a new register.
The target date for publication of this new register is the end of September.

Kind regards, SBC FOI Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Slough Watcher anodiad ()

Scandalous and against the law - as the council; staff are fully aware. Local Government Act 1999, section 3. It is a duty - ...must make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the way in which functions are exercised, having regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness.


Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

'Not fit for purpose'. That sounds about right.