LAs charging policy and Personal Expenses Allowance

Torbay Borough Council Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Local Authority,
These questions all relate to persons under age 65 living a residential care home paid for all or in part by your council’s social care budget

1) How many people in your Local Authority under 65 live in a residential care home?

2) How much disposable income/PEA do care home residents have available each week for their needs?

3) Calculation of income

a) How does your residential charging policy calculate income?
b) What is included in your income calculation?
c) What is excluded from your income?
d) Which (if any) parts of the income calculation are discretionary?
e) Which parts of the income calculation are mandatory?
f) Do you use the same calculation model for care home residents above the age of 65 versus those below that age?
g) If the model differs, what are those differences?
4) Discretionary Increases
a) Does the Local Authority exercise its discretion to allow individuals under 65 years in residential care homes more than this minimum amount?
b) If yes, what is the weekly amount available to them and (as in 3 above) how is it calculated?
5) Is there any difference in the amount people are left with each week if the Local Authority is acting as an Appointee?

Yours faithfully,

Anita Bellows

Torbay Council, Torbay Borough Council

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Our reference: 3873088
Your reference: [FOI #759817 email]

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