Landowner and designated rights of way for public use station road and woodland to south

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear East Dunbartonshire Council,

I am making and FOI request to ascertain the details of who owns station road in lennoxtown. Particularly the part 20m before the turning to netherton oval.

Also the land woodland to the South between station road and Lennox forest, forestry commission land.


Yours faithfully,

Scott Malcolm

East Dunbartonshire Council

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East Dunbartonshire Council

6 Atodiad

Dear Mr. Malcolm.

I refer to your recent Environmental Information Regulation request in
relation to ownership rights at Station Road, Lennoxtown and woodland to
the south.

This information is publically available through Registers of Scotland,
however we do hold information relating to your query which has been
outlined below.

From checking the Newlands Title (STG40193), it would appear that the road
is owned by the successors to William George Peareth Kincaid - the Lennox
Family. All properties whose sole access is the road, have pedestrian and
vehicular access rights granted in their favour by same and the shown
shaded brown on the Newlands Title (attached below) and yellow on earlier

The Lennox Woodland, to which you refer, is registered as Drum Plantation
(STG80374) and is owned by Scottish Ministers. Of the large extent of land
in between this title and Station Road and which is described as "the land
woodland to the South between station road and Lennox forest, forestry
commission land" in your request, only the south most part is registered as
part of Muirhead Farm (STG27).

Should you require any further title information then I would suggest
making your own representation to Registers of Scotland, who for a small
fee, will be able to assist you in any additonal search(s).

(See attached file: Drum Plantation STG80374 - Title Plan (A0L Viewing
Version).pdf)(See attached file: Drum Plantation STG80374 - Title
sheet.pdf)(See attached file: Muirhead Farm STG27 - Title Plan (A0 Viewing
Version) (1).pdf)(See attached file: Muirhead Farm STG27 - Title sheet
(1).pdf)(See attached file: Newlands STG40193 - Title Plan.pdf)(See
attached file: Newlands STG40193 - Title sheet.pdf)

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Kind regards,

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