Dear Forestry Commission,

How much did you pay for the Woodgreen site, North Ayrshire?

What is the commission plans for the land purchased?

Yours faithfully,

John Brown

Information Rights, Forestry Commission

Dear Mr Brown,

Thank you for your request for information received yesterday, 11 February

It is my assessment that the information you are seeking is exempt under
section 39(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 because this
information is “environmental information”, as defined in regulation 2 of
the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Your request must
therefore be considered under these Regulations.

The Regulations give requestors a right to information held by a public
body at the time a request is received.  Where information is not held by
a public body there is no requirement to create the information in order
to answer a question or request, the only requirement is for the person
requesting the information to be advised that the information is not

In April 2019 forestry was devolved in the UK - Scottish Ministers took on
full responsibility for their national forests. The Forestry Commission
remained in England, continuing to protect, improve and expand some of the
country’s best-known landscapes. The Commission continued to manage more
than 250,000 hectares of England’s national forests through its agency
body Forestry England. A new board of Commissioners was established to
oversee this. This means that there is no information held on land
purchased in North Ayrshire by Forestry Commission and regulation 12(4)(a)
applies, information not held.

I have tried to deal with your request as fully as possible. If you have
any questions then I would be happy to try and answer these for you.
However, should you wish to complain about the way your request has been
handled please contact:

Forestry Commission
Chief Executive
620 Bristol Business Park
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1EJ

Email: [1][email address]

Complaints regarding non-compliance with the requirements of the open
information legislation should initially be made to the Forestry
Commission itself. We aim to resolve any complaints with you directly.
However, should the matter fail to be resolved, you may make an appeal to
the Information Commissioner’s Office.
Further information of the role of the Information Commissioner and
guidance on FOI/EIR can be found on the Commissioner’s web site:
[2] or by calling the helpline: 0303 123 1113

Yours sincerely,

Julia Lovell | Parliamentary Business and Information Rights Officer
Forestry Commission | 620 Bristol Business Park | Bristol | BS16 1EJ

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