Kingston upon Thames Opportunity Areas - definitive street level maps

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Dear Greater London Authority,

The Kingston Direction of Travel supplementary planning supplementary planning advice to the London Plan was adopted by both the Mayor and Kingston Council in October 2016.

Please provide street level maps of both confirmed and/or indicative Opportunity Areas within Kingston upon Thames local authority area at the date at which the Kingston DoT document was adopted by the Mayor of London.

Opportunity Areas are defined* by the GLA as "brownfield land which have significant capacity for development – such as housing or commercial use - and existing or potentially improved public transport access. Typically they can accommodate at least 5,000 jobs, 2,500 new homes or a combination of the two, along with other supporting facilities and infrastructure. "


Yours faithfully,

Paul Sloan

Greater London Authority

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Opportunity Areas - definitive street level maps

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Dear Mr Sloan

Please find attached response in relation to your Freedom of Information

Yours sincerely

Paul Robinson
Information Governance Officer

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