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Matt Williams made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Liverpool City Council

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Dear Liverpool City Council,
Please supply the following information:

[1] Please state which items in 2015 did the City Solicitor { Jeanette McLoughlin]cancel the 28 Day Notice in
[a] Cabinet committee items

[b] Regeneration, Housing & Sustainability items

[c] Planning items

[2] Please also state the reason for each 28 day cancellation

For example - 11th December 2015 - Cabinet Meeting - Tarmacademy

'Reason if not in 28 Day Notice: There is a requirement to reach agreement to support the proposals prior to the end of 2015 otherwise any delay could result in the potential loss of one of the key partners in the scheme, Cemex. On this basis there has been insufficient opportunity to give 28 days’ notice of the proposed decision.'

Yours faithfully,
Matt Williams

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Matt Williams…


Please see attached our response to your recent information request.




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Gadawodd Josie Mullen anodiad ()

Oh yes, Jeanette McLoughlin and the cancellation of 28 days notices. Tarmacademy was a prime example. ........so so so urgent....and yet it never happened.
McLoughlin walks away with a lovely pension and no investigation into her role as City Solicitor.....