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Dear Ipswich Borough Council,

We would be grateful if you could help in answering our request for information for the following questions; answering for A-F on questions 1-8.
a) Photocopiers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Devise)
b) Printers
c) Print room / reprographic
d) Desktops
e) Laptops
f) Displays
Q1. Please name all the IT resellers that you have contacts with and buy from.
Q2. What is the length of the contracts, more specifically their end date, with the named IT resellers in question 1.
Q3. What year and month is the next hardware refresh due?
Q4. Please name the number of devices deployed by Council?
Q5. In reply to question 4, which department/facility are those located?
Q6. Please name the brand and model of the devices mentioned and the spend for each product.
Q7. Details on how these were procured. i.e. By Framework
i. Procurement method
ii. If Framework, please state which one.
Q8. Do you normally purchase equipment as services or as a capital?
Q9. What is your annual print/copy volume and spend?
Q10. Who is the person(s) within your organization responsible for the MFD's, print hardware, and supplies contract(s)? Please provide their title and their contact details.
Q11. Who is responsible for purchasing end user devices such as laptops, desktops, displays and accessories? Please provide their title, and their contact details.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Varns

Ipswich Borough Council


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Dear Sir/Madam,

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Kind Regards

The Information Officer


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Dear Requester,

I am writing to confirm that the Council has now completed its search for
the information which you requested on 3 December 2020 about IT Print and
PC Supplier.

The information supplied has been provided by the department responsible
for the service delivery.

For Ipswich Borough Council’s response please see attached excel

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Kind regards,

The Information Officer

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