ISI Inspection Data

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Dear Independent Schools Inspectorate,

Please would it be possible to provide an Excel spreadsheet that contains information about all full ISI inspections, going back as far as possible? Secondary schools only.

This would include the most recent inspection as well as any previous inspections for each school (ideally each inspection would appear on a separate row).

Please provide as many columns of data for each inspection as possible, including the various inspection ratings and, if possible, the name of the Headteacher.

I’m doing research into school improvement, so I’d really appreciate any data you could provide.

Thank you so much for your time.

Yours faithfully,


ISI Data, Independent Schools Inspectorate

Dear Mr Belding,

Thank you for your message. ISI is not a public body and accordingly is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However we do try to provide information on a voluntary basis where possible.

I can confirm that ISI currently inspects some 654 secondary schools. We are working towards publishing an annual report in future which would include statistics along the lines you are seeking, however, there are no plans to publish retrospective data.

Inspection reports are published on our website. The website shows the inspection report history for a school starting from their last full inspection prior to 1 September 2017. In future it is proposed that all reports will remain on the ISI website once published. You can search the website by school to find the latest inspection report in full and further information about the work that ISI undertakes including types of inspection.

We wish you every success with your research on school improvement.

Kind regards,


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