Interview and ENGAA scores of engineering applicants for 2019 entry.

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Pembroke College, Cambridge,

Could you kindly publish ENGAA scores, interview scores (with date and name of interviewer) and a way of identifying each candidate. If you have the offers given, that would be great too.

Yours faithfully,

Becky Coombs, Pembroke College, Cambridge

I am away from College until 15 April 2019.  Moira, my assistant will be
checking my email for me and I will endeveour to reply to your email
within the first few days of my retrun from holiday!  However I anticpate
coming back to quiet a few emails so if you've not had a reply from me do
feel free to email again.



Becky Coombs, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Dear Susan,


I can provide you with the following information:

Engineering 2019 (inc Chem section 1 section 1 section 2 Interview
Eng via Eng) Average Scores (Maths and (Ad Maths (Section 2 Score
Physics) and Physics) Score)
All PEM Applicants 4.32 4.12 7.44
Interviewed by PEM 5.06 4.92 8.51 6.59
Pooled by PEM 5.14 4.69 8.23 6.73
PEM Offer Holders (inc 1 from 6.32 6.92 10.47 7.79


I hope you find this information useful


Dr Becky Coombs

College Registrar & Rooms Tutor

Pembroke College


01223 338112



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