Interim Manager appointed to The Central Gurdwara (British Isles) London Khalsa Jatha (258324)

Dear Charity Commission for England and Wales,

The Charity Commission appointed an Interim Manager to The Central Gurdwara (British Isles) London Khalsa Jatha as part of the regulator’s inquiry into the charity, which began in July 2015.

The inquiry is examining a range of concerns, including the trustees’ failure to comply with a previous action plan set by the Commission, and concerns about potential unauthorised trustee benefit and unmanaged conflicts of interest.

The Commission appointed Tom Murdoch of Stone King as Interim Manager of the charity on 26 January 2017. His task is limited to determining the membership of the charity.

Can you please confirm whether rumours of a substantial number of new members is true, as there are serious concerns that some of those standing for elections have created many new members with the sole purpose of winning the elections. There have also been rumours of free transport being organised to enable these new members to vote.

As part of the FOI, can you provide the total numbers of members for each of the last six years. Can you also provide me with details of exactly how many new members joined over each of the last twelve months?

Yours faithfully,

Ali Ahmad

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Dear Mr Ahmad,

Please see attached our response to your requests for information.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Breakspere

Information Rights and Complaints Manager

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