Institutional abuse and Evictions of Care Home Residents

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Dear Carlisle City Council,

1) Please supply information relating to the incidence of attempts by care providers to evict residents in care homes - that is, care providers giving residents notice to leave or otherwise attempting to get them to leave without their involvement in the decision or against their wishes.

Please indicate the number of cases you are aware of for the last 3 years, also indicating if and how your council responded to the situation, and what was the ultimate result of the sitaution, i.e. if and how the situation was resolved.

2) Please provide me with the number of instances your council is aware of where either CQC or local authority safeguarding procedures have substantiated allegations of insitutional abuse of a Leonard Cheshire social care service user over the past 3 years.

Further, please provide anonymised information on the alleged behaviour by Leonard Cheshire resulting in the conclusion.

Yours faithfully,

Doug Paulley

Customer Services, Carlisle City Council

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Dear Mr Paulley

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