Inspector Roy Hodder moved station after a complaint

Tom Johnson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Sussex Police

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Sussex Police.

Dear Sussex Police,

It has come to my attention Inspector Roy Hodder was responsible for touching the groin area of multiple officers, in what they felt was improper and made this complaint.

Can you confirm firstly if this is subject to any further investigation

The organisations receipt of such complaint

The relocation of this senior officer this month (August 2021)

Yours faithfully,

Tom Johnson

Dear Sussex Police,

I was expecting a response in regards to this FOI request by the 20th September and yet this has not happened.

This request should be very quick for you to answer and fulfil and any delay can only be deemed an attempt to obstruct

Please oblige

Yours faithfully,

Tom Johnson

Sussex Police

1 Atodiad

FOI REF 2772/21 & 2773/21


Dear Mr Johnson,


Freedom of Information


I refer to your requests for information which may be held by Sussex


Please find enclosed a letter.


Kind regards,


Information Access Officer

DPU, 3rd Floor Pevensey Block

Sussex Police HQ




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